Rocket League’s V1.70 Update, Also Known As The Blueprint Update, Is Now Live!

Rocket League’s V1.70 Update, Also Known As The Blueprint Update, Is Now Live!
Credit: Rocket League via YouTube

Start your engines and update your game! Rocket League is receiving a huge update, and it includes the addition of Blueprints, the Item Shop, and a new competitive season and Rocket Pass. Some things were removed from the game as well, like keys and crates.

To read the extensive patch notes, click the link in the embedded tweet!

There is something for everybody in this update.

Probably the most prominent changes coming from the v1.70 update is the addition of Blueprints, and Rocket Pass 5.

Blueprints are overhauling the current crate and key system. Instead of earning a crate, and using a key to unlock it, players will earn Blueprints. The Blueprint will show off what the item is, and then the player can use Credits to build it.

Speaking of keys, they have now been converted to keys; one key will be converted to around 100 Credits, depending on the amount a player has. The minimum is 100 Credits per key and the conversion can go up to 130 Credits per key, if a gamer has over 50 in their inventory.

Credits will also go toward the new Item Shop as well, which can be found in the Main Menu. Gamers can buy extra Credits in the Item Shop menu. 500 Credits will run someone $5, and the more a player buys, the better the deal. For example, 3000 Credits will cost $25 USD, so the gamer is essentially getting an extra 500 Credits.

Rocket Pass 5 is here and with it, 70 new Tiers of rewards for gamers. If players opt-in to the Rocket Pass, they will start at Tier 1, and be rewarded with the anime-styled car Chikara. As players work their way up the Tiers, they will earn rewards like a Bike Rack, Mr. Tubeman, and a Vaporstream.

Tier 70 has the ultimate reward, the Chikara GTX, which is an aesthetic and powerful car, so gamers definitely have something to work towards.

A new competitive season has started for the hardcore Rocket League gamers. Competitive Season 13 will reset things for players, so they’ll need to do placement matches again in different playlists to re-establish their Rank.

There are plenty of bug fixes with this update as well. Once again, if a gamer is interested, check out the link in the embedded tweet to read the entire patch notes.

Rocket League has received a fresh coat of paint with the new Rocket Pass and other features, so check the tread on the tires and get onto the field!