Rocket League Competitive Season 12 Is Now Over, So Gamers Can Now Check Out Their Rewards And Start Season 13!

Rocket League Competitive Season 12 Is Now Over, So Gamers Can Now Check Out Their Rewards And Start Season 13!
Credit: Rocket League via YouTube

Time to get your hard-fought rewards, Rocket League competitors. With the Blueprint Update comes the end of Competitive Season 12, and the beginning of Competitive Season 13.

Since Competitive Season 12 is now over, Rocket League gamers can check out their highest rank earned this season and the rewards they’ve achieved.

Competitive players will receive unique, custom, and non-tradeable Universal Decals, which can be used on any customizable car body a gamer has.

As the gamers climbed the Ranks, they receive a new Universal Decal, along with the Universal Decals from the lower Ranks as well. If players managed to reach a Grand Champion rank, they have earned a Title as well.

Bronze I or higher will receive the ‘Season 12 – Bronze’ Universal Decal
Silver I or higher ranking will get the ‘Season 12 – Silver’ Universal Decal
Gold I or higher receive the ‘Season 12 – Gold’ Universal Decal
Platinum I or higher achieves the ‘Season 12 – Platinum’ Universal Decal
Diamond I or higher rank is granted the ‘Season 12 – Diamond’ Universal Decal
Champion I or higher rank will get the ‘Season 12 – Champion’ Universal Decal

As mentioned earlier, if a Rocket League gamer achieved a Grand Champion Rank, they will have a new Title to flaunt around as well as a ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ Universal Decal.

Competitive Soccer Grand Champion rank will get the player the ‘Season 12 – Grand Champion’ in-game Title
Rumble Grand Champion rank gets a gamer the ‘Season 12 – RNG Champ’ Title
Dropshot Grand Champion ranking grants a player the ‘Season 12 – Floor Destroyer’ in-game Title
Hoops Grand Champion will receive the ‘Season 12 – Dunk Master’ Title
Snow Day Grand Champion comes with the ‘Season 12 – Blizzard Wizard’ in-game Title

Just a reminder, every ranking will receive all the lower ranking rewards as well!

Since there is a new season, a reset has been done, meaning competitive players will have to play placement matches on different playlists to re-earn a Rank. If a gamer wins at least half of their placement matches, they’ll go back to the rank they earned in Season 12.

Since Competitive Season 13 is just starting, League Rankings will be disabled while everyone is playing their placement matches. One more thing about placement matches, each match will go towards the gamer’s Bronze Season Level progress, so start climbing the ladder right away!
There has been a slight change in terms of playlists to make things a little fairer for the competitive community. When gamers are playing in a party, the groups matchmaking rating (MMR) will now be more skewed towards the higher players MMR.

The Blueprint Update brought with it not just the Competitive Season 13, but an assortment of things like Rocket Pass 5, the Item Shop, and bug fixes. This is an excellent day for Rocket League gamers across the globe.