Riot Games Announces Plans For Teamfight Tactics For 2020 In A Recently Released Dev Video

Riot Games Announces Plans For Teamfight Tactics For 2020 In A Recently Released Dev Video
Credit: League of Legends via Youtube

The announced plan is to reduce unfun gameplay mechanics and RNG elements, to make every game winnable, with some soft-counters planned to be released for some strategies, and champions.

The next set announced will go live in mid-March and will be focused on Star Guardian, Odyssey and Project champions and traits.

Another big announcement was the TFT Mobile, which will be released mid-March alongside set 3. While many players enjoy playing this fantastic auto-chess game on their thousand dollar rigs, others enjoy playing it while on the bus, or during their lunch break, and this will aid to their desires.

Teamfight Tactics was launched unexpectedly in June 2019 by Riot Games; after seeing other auto-chess games being so successful, Riot Games invested the resources into their auto-chess game, which became known as Teamfight Tactics in the end.

The game brings the champions of Runeterra in a new environment, auto-fighting other champions of Runeterra with multiple tactics usable to defeat the opponents. The main goal is to reduce the health of different opponents to zero and become the last survival in the game.

While in theory, the game sounds simple, in practice, it is much harder due to the vast amount of knowledge required to be successful. If you want to have a casual game, see your favorite champions battle each other, regardless of win or loss, then this game is for you. But if you are a competitive person, then you will need to invest a significant amount of time in understanding the items, champions, meta and keep up with the latest updates to the game.

There have been small attempts at an esports scene for this game as well, but it did not attract a big crowd compared to other genres in the esports industry. The main reason is due to the auto-battle nature of the game, where the players manage their units but do not take a direct role in the outcome of the battle. While this aspect attracts some players, it diverts others who want to be more in control.

As a result, the esport aspect of this game is still in air; perhaps with the launch of the mobile Teamfight Tactics, more players will be attracted to this game, which will be playable during a walk, a bus ride, a train ride, any time you would have some free time and would fancy a small game to distract your brain.