Red Dead Redemption 2: A Guide To Unlocking Fast Travel, RDR2’s Most Well-Kept Secret

Red Dead Redemption 2: A Guide To Unlocking Fast Travel, RDR2’s Most Well-Kept Secret
Credit: Rockstar via YouTube

Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with dozens of little secrets and trade tips that Rockstar added that the ordinary player normally isn’t aware of. Unfortunately, one of these trade secrets happens to be the Fast Travel mechanic.

Players who don’t typically bother themselves with camp might not notice that there’s a fast travel option beyond just taking a stagecoach from town to town. It’s pretty easy to miss, considering that you have to buy the option to fast travel from amongst the camping upgrades. However, once you unlock it, you’ll never take the scenic route again.

The article below will go over the necessary steps to unlock the fast travel option in Red Dead Redemption 2.

First off, you’ll need to stash away about $545 to pay for the camping upgrades. The fast travel upgrade, Next In Line for Arthur’s wagon is $325, but you’ll also need to purchase Dutch’s lodging upgrade first for $220. As a side note, purchasing Dutch’s lodging upgrade also encourages other members of the camp to donate more often.

Making that amount of money isn’t particularly easy, especially if you’re attempting to unlock this at the start of the game. However, hunting Legendary Animals can give you a much-needed boost to your funds, as well as the stolen goods you can sell to a Fence.

Beyond getting the money, you’ll also need to complete the first 5 missions of Chapter 2, which itself will unlock the Money Lending and Other Sins mission given to you by Strauss. Completing this mission will unlock the ability to contribute to the camp, as well as giving you access to the ledger to purchase upgrades.

Beyond that, it’s as simple as walking up to the ledger and purchasing both upgrades!

You can access the Fast Travel menu from Arthur Morgan’s wagon at the camp. In contrast to how Fast Travel worked previously when Red Dead Redemption 2 first came out, you can now access the Fast Travel menu from the campsites as well. Veterans to the Red Dead Redemption series will remember that this is how fast travel worked in the original game as well.

Beyond using the fast travel methods described above, there’s also the option to take a Stagecoach or Train to any town, for a fee of course. Players looking for a bit of immersion in their games may like either of these options.

No more will you have to travel on horseback everywhere you go! Safe travels!