Recent Sales Figures Show That The PlayStation 4 Is The Second Best-Selling Console In Gaming History

Recent Sales Figures Show That The PlayStation 4 Is The Second Best-Selling Console In Gaming History
Credit: MBG via YouTube

There have been a lot of great-selling consoles after the last few decades. The gaming industry has never been hotter and companies are looking to cash in on its popularity, which has manifested a lot of great consoles. Although many consoles have made a huge impact on the gaming industry as a whole, some have performed better than others.

As it stands today, the best-selling console is the PlayStation 2. It was the platform to own back in the day. Even now in today’s modern gaming climate, it features one of the best game libraries of any console. That’s incredible to fathom. It’s clear that Sony knows how to make a great console.

Their most recent console — the PlayStation 4 — has also sold exceptionally well. In fact, according to recent sales figures, the PS4 is now the second best-selling console in gaming history. That’s quite an incredible feat. Time and time again, Sony innovates the console market with unique designs, interactive experiences, and of course, stellar games.

The PS4 probably is the best console in terms of gaming exclusives. It gets them so often. Some of the most notable are God of War 4, Spider-Man, The Last of Us, and the upcoming The Last of Us Part Two. These games are some of the best titles you can play today.

Each one has won so many gaming awards and stand out in so many categories, from stellar visuals to addicting gameplay. Comparatively, the Xbox One only has a couple of exclusives that are decent, but haven’t received the type of reception as PS4’s exclusives.

As you can see, Sony has a lot of momentum right now leading into the next generation of console wars. They are poised to do some great things with their newest console, the PlayStation 5. Some spec details have recently surfaced, showcasing a more powerful system. It will perform much like a PC, in fact.

We have seen a couple of image leaks of the console, although they probably don’t show the final product. Still, it’s promising to think about what the PS5 could offer gamers. The PS2 and PS4 have been instrumental for Sony’s success, and they now have so many resources to put behind their latest project.

You better believe that the PS5 will also have amazing exclusives like the PS4 and have standout features that make it a must-own unit on day one of its official release. Sony is certainly winning in many regards.