PUBG Map Vikendi Gets A Massive Improvement With Update 5.2, Including More Roads And The Shrinking Of Mount Kreznic

PUBG Map Vikendi Gets A Massive Improvement With Update 5.2, Including More Roads And The Shrinking Of Mount Kreznic
Credit: PUBG Corp

PUBG’s Update 5.2 has focused a lot on the snowy, mountainous map Vikendi, and the updates are plentiful.

PUBG Corporation worked overtime on this update, and there’s a lot in store for Vikendi.

PUBG has confirmed that more vehicles will be available on Vikendi, which will be helpful for players that didn’t pack their snowshoes.

Along with the higher number of vehicles, more roads have been added as well to alleviate the tediousness of players having to trudge through some snow-covered areas.

The castle’s moat has become frozen, which allows gamers to navigate around the castle more effortlessly. Stay tuned for a possible ice hockey update.

The menacing Mount Kreznic has been shrunk because it was causing too many problems for players trying to cross it. The dynamic terrain and steep nature of the mountain was a headache for players, so PUBG has altered it accordingly.

When PUBG developed the map, they made a lot of the terrain flat, which has ended up making it harder for players to find cover and stealth around Vikendi. PUBG added some variance to the terrain around the map to fix this issue.

The towns in Vikendi received some love from PUBG, as well. They reshaped Volnova by changing elements of buildings and driving routes, increased the spawn counts in Peshkova, and relocated garages in Trevno to have vehicles spawn in areas that allow an easier escape.

PUBG also modified buildings, removing and replacing them, all for the greater good.

Lastly, changes were made to Vikendi to affect gameplay positively.

The Blue Zone balance on Vikendi was altered to enable players to plan more effective strategies using different routes. PUBG increased the size and speed of early safe zones, as well.

Blue Zone locations throughout have been randomized a little more, and the location of vehicle spawns have been optimized for the new Blue Zone adjustments.

Update 5.2 is currently on PUBG Test Servers and is set to go live on PC November 20th and consoles November 26th

A little bit about Vikendi:

Vikendi is an isolated resort island on the Adriatic Sea, and features snowy, mountainous terrain, and sits in the shadow of Mount Kreznic

The map features include an abandoned spacecraft launch site called the Cosmodrome, a prehistoric amusement park called Dino Park, a castle with a moat, and a winery.

The island is covered in snow, so players need to be wary about leaving behind footprints, which can significantly alter someone’s strategy. Vikendi is utilized for all PUBG game modes.

Gamers can head over to PUBG’s website to read the extensive patch notes list.