PUBG Beginning Second Round Of Ranked Ruleset Testing

PUBG Beginning Second Round Of Ranked Ruleset Testing
Credit: PUBG

Back about a week or so ago, we reported on PUBG beginning a round of testing for their new and upcoming Ranked Ruleset. This new Ruleset was being tested to standardize the rules for a new Ranked mode and try to bring the title into a more prominent place in competitive gaming.

The team ran the first test last weekend during a LABS test but ran into issues due to Vikendi running a test at the same time. Many players asked for additional time to test because of this, prompting the team to bring back the ruleset to give players a chance to properly test.

“Why come up with a different Ranked Ruleset when the Esports Ruleset already exists?” the team clarifies. “If we’re trying to have a competitive mode, what’s more competitive than esports? The PUBG Esports Ruleset is designed to be exciting to watch, while providing as competitive of an environment as possible to our pros.”

The team discusses how the ruleset minimized the looting phase – which just factually isn’t that fun to watch as a spectator – while also promoting a faster transition from the early phases into battle. PUBG Corp hopes that this can be the focus and competition between the professionals playing for a living, while also removing elements that make it less enjoyable to watch.

PUBG Corp also looked at a great amount of data after PGC 2019 last year, helping them decided that the Esports Ruleset was too much of a change from the normal match rules for most players. This Ranked Ruleset is an attempt to appeal to more players who want that challenge without jumping into a completely new world.

The second test will be taking place this weekend again, between March 13th and March 16th. The settings will be completely identical to the first time with no tweaks so that the testing can take place properly.

“The goal is to provide an environment where players can show off their skills, while maintaining the fun and unique experience of PUBG Battle Royale,” PUBG Corp explains. They encourage everyone playing through the mode to provide as much feedback as possible, both positive and negative, so that they can hone in on what ruleset would be best for future competitive modes.

If you want to help enrich the future of competitive Battle Royale gaming, hop into LABS and give the new Ranked Ruleset a shot! Just make sure that you leave an adequate amount of feedback so that the team knows exactly what changes they should be focusing on.