Pokemon Go Announced Their Next Community Day That Features Mudkip

Pokemon Go Announced Their Next Community Day That Features Mudkip
Credit: Niantic

Pokemon Go brings around Community Days that bring players together to enjoy their shared passion, Pokemon. The next Community Day has been announced along with an adorable video showing off the many Mudkips that could be caught throughout the day. Players everywhere are getting their lures ready for the slight chance to grab a Shiney Mudkip.

Mudkip is the water started from the Hoenn region and has its pop culture significance on top of its standard usage in the games. The fish-dog Pokemon is best known for its appearance in the show along with videos online that comment on its unique sound. Although its evolutions don’t match up to other starters stat wise in its first form, it is an adorable companion to travel the Pokemon world with.

Mudkip in Pokemon Go gets an extra amount of attention as it has the possibility to learn Hydro Cannon. If it can accomplish this, the little Mudkip will become the second best water attacker in the game right behind Kyogre. If patterns stay consistent, the chances of the starter getting this move is higher as its other starter brethren have gotten theirs on the corresponding Community Days.

The Mudkip evolution starts as a Water-type with an average CP of 981. As it evolves, it gains a type and becomes and ground/water pokemon after 25 candies have been used. This evolution will increase the CP to 1617 on average and evolve the Mudkip into Marshtomp. Its final evolution is what most trainers seek as it increases the CP by roughly 1834, giving it an estimated 2815 on its final evolution as Swampert.

Mudkip being the focus of the next Community Day is a great chance for some low ranked trained to get some great CP pokemon into their collection. With Mudkips being abundant and a chance at a shiny Mudkip, the ability to have a shiny, powerful Swampert became a lot more manageable.

The Community Day will also have its usual bonus of 3-hour lures and other opportunities of triple catch XP. Even with these benefits, players should consider popping Lucky Eggs before running out of time to catch these Pokemon.

The event will take place on July 21 from 4-7PM local time. This is an hour later than the usual time for Community Day events, but the total duration will remain the same. Players should prepare themselves and stock up on Pokeballs for what is sure to be a long fun event.