PlayStation Plus Members Can Download The Witness For Free In April

PlayStation Plus Members Can Download The Witness For Free In April
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

There’s never been a better time to become a PlayStation Plus member. Time and time again, this gaming service offers free downloadable games to its members. These games aren’t just throw-away titles either. A lot of them are high-quality and worth checking out for years.

The month of April is fast approaching, and to bring in this month, PlayStation Plus is adding The Witness to the marketplace for free. That’s right, for no money, you can pick up this puzzle game as long as you’re a PS Plus member. So, is this one-player puzzle game designed by Jonathan Blow worth checking out?

There are many reviewers and gaming websites that certainly think so. The game starts out with you waking up on an island full of puzzles. You don’t know your identity or how you got here, which means you must solve puzzles to find clues about your past. It’s a simple concept, but one that really works in The Witness.

One thing that particularly stuck out in this title is its open world. It’s not often that you find a puzzle game where you’re free to explore as you like. You can do that here. Each section in the game is beautifully rendered. The graphics have a personality of their own. They really immerse you in this island environment from the very beginning.

Another huge selling point of The Witness is it has puzzles that are all unique. You never feel like you’re solving the same thing and getting into a repetitive pattern. Its versatile nature could certainly be used in a lot of other puzzle games currently on the market.

On your way to the different sections of the island, you’ll get to explore via a well-crafted first-person mode. It lets you turn around 360 degrees, so you can truly appreciate the time and effort that went into the graphical design. The graphics aren’t so much realistic as they are unique and characterized. It has been a while since a game like this has had its own distinct visual personality.

Going back to the puzzles, they’re not impossible to solve. If you stick with them, you’ll eventually have success. It is gratifying when you do solve one that’s particularly difficult, though.

Again, this game is available completely for free when you visit the PlayStation Store and are PS Plus member. The membership isn’t that expensive, so if you don’t yet have it, you might consider trying it out for a couple of months. The Witness is just one of many great games you can find here.