Patch 1.0.2 Is Officially Live For Ghost Recon Breakpoint; Intended To Fix Stability Issues And Other Bugs

Patch 1.0.2 Is Officially Live For Ghost Recon Breakpoint; Intended To Fix Stability Issues And Other Bugs
Credit: ASQD GAMING via YouTube

Ghost Recon Breakpoint has now been out for a couple of weeks. It has received mixed reviews for a lot of different reasons. There are some gamers who enjoy the setting of Auroa and the openness it offers when approaching enemies in different ways. Then there are those who have been upset with the glitches and the lack of AI difficulty. There were also microtransactions in the beginning,  which have since been taken away because of fan backlash.

Ubisoft is listening to the community and is still doing everything they can to bring the necessary updates, as to give fans the best gameplay experiences possible. Their latest patch — 1.0.2 — is now live for Ghost Recon Breakpoint players and it’s fixing a lot of glaring issues. The general improvement deals with stability. The frame rate has been a problem for a lot of players, which takes you out of the game at certain points.

The difficulty is also receiving some tweaks. You see, there are some parts that are simply too easy to complete. That has left a lot of gamers wanting more in terms of a real threat against the notorious antagonists in this game, The Wolves. Many bugs are being taken away that have helped gamers cheat the system and take down waves of enemies at a time. Ultimately, this should make the combat more realistic and help players stay immersed throughout their time playing the main story.

Major improvements are also happening with the cover system. Now, it will be much easier to identify them throughout Auroa. They’ll also be easier to mark, which should help you gain a strategic advantage on opponents and take them out without being as easily detected. The time to mark enemies has been reduced and players shouldn’t be detected as easily when stealth swimming.

Other tweaks were made in the visual department, co-op mode, and PVP gameplay. Overall, these adjustments are nice and important to see. It shows Ubisoft is doing everything they can to make Ghost Recon Breakpoint as good as it can be. This franchise has a storied history and many were so excited about this latest installment. Although it has had a few bumps at launch, it’s still a fun game to play.

With these continued upgrades, Breakpoint could be the online tactical shooter that many hoped for in the beginning. It’s too early to write this game off entirely.