Panzer Corps 2 Gets A March Release Date In Latest Cinematic Trailer

Panzer Corps 2 Gets A March Release Date In Latest Cinematic Trailer
Credit: SlitherineGames via YouTube

Any time you’re looking for a fresh change from first-person shooters, but still want the themes of combat and war, tactical strategy titles are a great choice. They switch out the intense first-person experiences in favor of a more hands-on approach, where you control so many aspects of each battle.

One game that has done a great job at giving players so many options as far as strategy is Panzer Corps. It released back in 2011 and has since gone on to win so many awards. It would be hard to find any negative comments about it, to be frank. That’s how great it is. It just features historical time periods of war so brilliantly from a global perspective.

This game was so successful that it’s getting a sequel. Panzer Corps 2 recently just received a March release date, which was confirmed in a new trailer. It shows some of the battlegrounds you’ll have the pleasure of waging war on. There are snowy fields, fire-ridden buildings, and intense tank battles. The developer, Flashback Games, really knows how to tug at the heartstrings of its fanbase. It’s even okay that this is just a cinematic trailer. Fans know what they’re about to embark on when they get their hands on this title in March.

What’s great about this sequel, much like the first, is its advanced controls. There are so many details you’ll be in control of, from deciding where to position tanks to knowing when to fall back. The decisions you make have a huge outcome on each battle. And despite this game being very in-depth in the control department, the systems are still easy to pick up.

In fact, you can have a lot of fun even not having any experience with one of these tactical strategy games. The developer wanted to make the systems easy to approach, which just exposes more gamers to this incredible franchise.

There are a lot of mechanics you’ll have the pleasure of mastering eventually the more time you spend in Panzer Corps 2. These include the weather system, spotting, unit movement, and capturing enemy equipment.

What’s also impressive about this sequel is the jaw-dropping amount of details. Every unit in this game, from the tanks to the heavy artillery, has been beautifully captured. It’s clear the developers know this space and wanted to further the series forward in the right direction. March isn’t so far away if you’re looking to jump back in this incredible action.