OWL – Los Angeles Valiant’s McGravy Secures The 2020 Dennis Hawelka Award For His Charity Works

OWL – Los Angeles Valiant’s McGravy Secures The 2020 Dennis Hawelka Award For His Charity Works
Credit: LA Valiant

Now more than ever, a little bit of positive aura and attitude will go a long way for everyone around the person. One of these is the Los Angeles Valiant‘s Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey’s contributions to the whole Overwatch League fandom. His favorable disposition to life and charitable personality does not go unrecognized by the community. The off-tank player earns himself the 2020 Dennis Hawelka award from the league.

The D.Va player has given his fans a ton of reason to smile, especially during the ongoing pandemic worldwide. He has held charity events on his Twitch streams and taken part in the Valiant-led charitable events. His contagious aura flows through the OWL talent team, as well as his teammates. McGravy never fails to put a smile on viewers whenever he’s being interviewed in the broadcast, as well.

The official Overwatch League Twitter account announces, “Cosplay or team-kills? @McGravy does it all! His sportsmanship and levity earned him the #OWL2020 Dennis Hawelka Award!” It can be remembered the 23-year old cosplayed as D.Va upon meeting his stream goals, which earned a Retweet from international singer Halsey.

McGravy joined the Valiant during the 2019 offseason after the Florida Mayhem dropped him and decided to reconstruct to an all-Korean team. He has been competing in the industry since 2016 from groups such as EnVision Esports and Team Envy. He is best known for heroes like Roadhog, D.Va, and Sigma.

The award is named after Internethulk, who passed away in 2017. The OG Overwatch pro played for EnVyUs alongside Taimou and HarryHook. The league decided to dedicate this award to players who portray positive energy regardless of the circumstances and one’s ability to drive the team forward. Contributions to the community in and outside of the game are also factored in.

The first Dennis Hawelka award went to Dallas Fuel’s Pongphop “Mickie” Rattanasangchod for his optimism regardless of how dire the situations. In 2019, Scott “Custa” Kennedy was celebrated for his leadership in the Los Angeles Valiant.

On October 3, McGravy writes on Twitter, “If it looks like I’ve been crying on cam, its because I’m crying right now.” He then thanked the support he has gotten this year and bows down to the community of the league and the game. He continues, “Hope to keep doing you guys and @INTERNETHULK proud.”

Pro players and fans congratulate the Valiant for his acknowledgment. Houston Outlaws’ LiNkzr replies, “You are definitely the person in our community that I look up to the most amazing human being!”