Outriders Was Just Revealed During Square Enix’s E3 Showcase; Is A Co-Op Shooter With Sci-Fi Elements

Outriders Was Just Revealed During Square Enix’s E3 Showcase; Is A Co-Op Shooter With Sci-Fi Elements
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

Square Enix just concluded their E3 press conference a few hours ago, and they really have a lot of gamers excited about the future. Some amazing titles were revealed, including Marvel’s Avengers and the remake of Final Fantasy 7.

One of the more intriguing titles that was also highlighted was Outriders. Fans got a sneak-peak of this co-op shooter a couple of weeks prior to this event, but it left many with a lot of questions. Fortunately, some were answered today.

Outriders is being developed by People Can Fly and Bulletstorm. It has a lot of sci-fi elements and themes incorporated in it, which is great if you like this particular game genre. We were fortunate enough to get a trailer reveal at this press conference.

The trailer doesn’t go into a lot of details. It mainly highlights the theme and type of action players can expect. The game revolves around a group of soldiers. They’ve set out on a planet called Enoch to investigate a mysterious signal they picked up on their transmitter. On their journey to discover its meaning, they must conquer hordes of beasts.

It appears the game is putting heavy emphasis on co-op. In fact, up to three players will be able to join sessions together — where they’ll have to put their combat skills to the test. Of course, the game supports a solo campaign as well.

The enemies shown in this game seem very unique. They certainly have a sci-fi aesthetic to them. There’s one monster, in particular, that looks like it was taken from the set of Stranger Things. It’s towering and menacing.

The trailer concludes with a massive gate opening up, possibly hinting at a huge boss fight. Even though not many story elements were included in this trailer, Outriders looks like a novel game certainly worth checking out. The sci-fi genre is beloved by many gamers, and this mysterious co-op shooter looks like it will do it justice.

One can only imagine what sort of monsters and creatures await on Enoch. The woman soldier in the trailer seems to be the leader. We see her use some sort of force attack at an approaching enemy. It was almost supernatural, in fact. It’s safe to assume that these warriors are no ordinary grunts. They seem to possess some epic powers and combat abilities.

The story and theme seem to be on point. Now, it would be amazing to see these fierce warriors in some actual gameplay footage.