One User Of Elden Ring Brings Up A Particular Aspect Of Godfrey’s Boss Fight That Gives It Some More Emotional Heft

One User Of Elden Ring Brings Up A Particular Aspect Of Godfrey’s Boss Fight That Gives It Some More Emotional Heft
Credit: gamerant

Godfrey’s debut cut scene will display his grace guide heading to a tarnished player, which in many ways implies that the player serves as a boss for him before he can restore the title of Elden Lord, as Redditor user M24Spirit noted out.

Many people have followed Godfrey into the Badlands since he was the first to become tarnished, and the player may have been one of them, according to Godfrey’s cut-out content.

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The authorized information of the Elden Ring is that his return entails the return of his grace.

The cut sequence depicts his grace direction pointing to the Tarnished Ones before the battle with Godfrey. Both Godfrey and we present challenges to one another. In other terms, he reports to us as well! by Eldering

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Marika orchestrates the events of Elden Ring so that she might ostensibly flee her destiny and her link to the Higher Will.

Many supporters believe that Tarnished was never intended to be an Elden Lord; rather, they were intended to perform the laborious tasks for Godfrey, who would then use his powers and the Elden Ring to carry out Marika’s scheme.

Whatever the strategy, it appears that the grace arranged the first Tarnished player’s confrontation with another Tarnished player of Marika.

Due to this, the fight is almost as thrilling as the confrontation between Gehrman and the Bloodborne Hunter. The main distinction is that Godfrey and the Tarnished battle to determine who will succeed Elden Lord as opposed to the Hunter and Gehrman, who dueled to protect one another from the horror and anguish of the Hunter’s Dream.

Of course, players can also pursue one of the non-Elden Lord endings, such as the Lord of Frenzied Flame or the Age of Stars with Ranni closing.

In any case, there will be a battle to determine who will join the Erdtree, and mythology suggests that Godfrey’s power will be on an even playing field with the Tarnished person.