Official Call of Duty: Cold War Trailer Shows Plot And Premise With Ronald Reagan

Official Call of Duty: Cold War Trailer Shows Plot And Premise With Ronald Reagan
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Call of Duty: Cold War is somehow already off to a rough start with their trailer being pulled and replaced due to the horrific act of including Chinese unrest during the Tiananmen Square Massacre; thankfully that trailer has been replaced with one that doesn’t show China in a negative light.

Many eyes are locked onto the upcoming iteration of the Call of Duty franchise due to the arguably poor handling that some have found an issue with regarding Infinity Ward and Modern Warfare, and the two studios alternate with their own iterations of the franchise every other year.

The trailer is an absolute banger, although noticeably a bit odd that it includes RC cars with bombs strapped to them in 1974; not that many fans of the series will necessarily be taken aback by the technology being present.

Aside from that small questionable piece of content, everything looks to be standard fare for Call of Duty; espionage, sneaking around and shooting people, helicopters exploding, and one heck of a model of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.

Also worth noting is a complete and utter absence of Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) as the mainstay of music for Vietnam; no Fortunate Son is to be heard throughout the entirety of the trailer; take that as you will.

In spite of a fantastic trailer, however, which offers a bit of light to be shed towards precisely what fans of the franchise can come to expect for the upcoming iteration, comes equal parts of concern and hesitation after how Activision/Infinity Ward handled Modern Warfare and its competitive environment.

From DDoS to last-second patches, it’s unknown whether IW or Activision was behind the majority of gaffes that occurred in the recent months; if it was Infinity Ward, then users should buckle up with excitement as Treyarch takes their swing; conversely, if it was Activision then the esport side of Call of Duty could likely suffer well into the future.

We’ll likely see more of Cold War in the upcoming weeks as development slowly dwindles downwards to the finished product, but fans of the franchise know what to expect; blisteringly fast multiplayer punctuated with killstreaks, an epic campaign that may or may not entirely make sense, and thousands of matches in the near future.

Here’s hoping that Call of Duty: Cold War drops into release with a firey hot streak that sates fans’ wishes for more intense action.