Niantic Rejoices As Pokemon Go Grosses An All-Time $3 Billion Revenue, According To Sense Tower Estimates

Niantic Rejoices As Pokemon Go Grosses An All-Time $3 Billion Revenue, According To Sense Tower Estimates
Credit: The Official Pokemon YouTube Channel via YouTube

Pokemon Go has finally passed $3 billion this quarter since its launch in 2016 as reported by Sensor Tower. Regularly the milestones come after the app recently saw its highest-earning month in three years back in August, after the Rocket-themed event that brought in more players, which was hosted by Niantic. In 2016, Pokemon Go grossed an all-time high of $832.4 million, even with the selected countries it launched for the first few months.

In 2017, the app grossed over $589.3 million in revenue and got more profitable in 2018, with $816.3 million in gross income. Currently, in 2019, their total revenue has more chances at surpassing the 2016 record, as it has grossed $774.3 so far. Since it launched, Pokemon Go has recorded over 541 million downloads worldwide, and Sensor Tower calculates an average revenue of $5.60 per user download.

As stated earlier, the Team Rocket event was a great success for the app, as it was able to generate over $110 million in players spending just for August 2019. This further continued into September, as the app generated over $126 million in gross revenue. Only this October users’ spending has recorded a whopping $67.8 million.

In checking the stats of players spending around the world, the U.S. continues to have the highest number, as U.S. players have spent $1.1billion, that 36.2% of the all-time revenue. Then follows Japan with players spend totaling at around $884.5 million, that’s about 29.4%. Germany comes next with a dashing $181.6 million, at around 6%.

For downloads, the U.S. also accounts for a majority as a whole, with 99.3 million unique installs, which makes up 18.4% of all downloads. In terms of O.S, Google players have spent the most in-app—totaling $1.6 billion, which is 54.5% of the app’s all-time gross revenue. Furthermore, the android device accounts for a majority of the app downloads globally.

Pokemon Go would likely continue to see geometric growth like this, for the rest of 2019, as Niantic has several upgrades for players. After this month’s Halloween event ends, a new exhibition featuring the Regi trio in raids exclusively for players to purchase in-game tickets all this weekend.

November also comes with its perks. For instance, there will be a next community day event which will feature the Fire-Type starter Chimchar from Pokemon Diamon and Pearl. The community will start on Saturday, November 16, from 11 AM to 2 PM LT. During that time, chimchar will rage in the wild more than the usual.

Also, watch out for Next year’s plans to incorporate the multiplayer feature; online players vs. players battles.