Two New Doctors Have Joined Dr. Mario World, Welcome Dr. Donkey Kong An Dr. Diddy Kong

Two New Doctors Have Joined Dr. Mario World, Welcome Dr. Donkey Kong An Dr. Diddy Kong
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Nintendo is now handing out medical degrees to gorillas and monkeys as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong join the ranks in Dr. Mario World. The news is from the official Dr. Mario World Twitter account, which announced the new playable characters with images to show off their costumes.

Details to their abilities have not been released, but fans get some details based on the descriptions and text presented with each Tweet. It was not the patch that players are wanting, but in true Nintendo fashion, it is the one we undoubtedly needed as they bring a whole new stage into the game with the banana filled fun.

The Mushroom Kingdom continues to hand out MDs as we get further into the game’s evolution. Dr. Mario World is a modern reimagination of a classic experience. Pulling obvious inspiration from games like Candy Crush, this game holds true to gacha mechanics allowing for minor microtransactions to occur.

Although that is true, the game still holds to the spirit of Dr. Mario with a need to cure strange colored disease by throwing pills at them. This mechanic is the foundation of the Dr. Mario brand and continues to drive the game forward into the future of its evolution

All the classic characters are slowly joining the roster as MDs to help cure the Mushroom Kingdom of their ailment. Each doctor gets to have assistants that all grand minor bonuses to the match. Even with the help of other characters, the game requires precision, forethought, and skill to complete.

Along with new characters come new worlds as each level brings new complications to the kingdom. New colored diseases and timed matches make players have to adapt their strategy and learn from their mistakes if they are to cure the Mushroom Kingdom truly.

Nintendo continues its evolution into mobile gaming, putting these beloved franchises into the public eye for free. Although not as successful as Mario Kart Tour, the game still has a decent following and download record similar to Super Mario Run. As time moves forward, fans remain at the edge of their seats, waiting for whatever game might reach mobile markets next with the beloved Nintendo characters as the stars.

Dr. Mario World is available on iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play but does have a limiting factor of hearts. You can purchase more hearts in the in-game shop or simply wait for them to return after a short period of time.