New Sonic Fan Game: Fan Developer Now Added A Playable Demo To Project Hero For PC/Macs

New Sonic Fan Game: Fan Developer Now Added A Playable Demo To Project Hero For PC/Macs
Credit: Hero via YouTube

From how Sony fandom started to where it is currently, their story in of itself has developed a life of its own, with a rich history of fan-made games. One recent entry is the Sonic: Project Hero, built by Developer Hero. This new entry has an impressive-looking 3D game developed in Unity that it seems like a better-looking version of Sonic Adventure.

Fan developer Hero started working on Sonic: Project Hero earlier this year, and in honor of this season’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo (or SAGE for the insiders), he compiled and shipped a playable demo for both Windows and Mac. Although no stages are developed yet, be assured of some loop-de-loops, rings, hills, opponents to butt-crush, and spin-dashing!

The game plans to introduce unique and new mechanics with existing ones from the original Sonic Adventure, to create a crisp experience. It’s important to note that this demo is still a prototype, not the full build. Surprisingly the demo features the major core gameplay mechanics. So players would again appreciate the demo and have an idea of what Hero plans to achieve.

Although there’s no ‘boost,’ so it plays fundamentally different from the way SEGA built Sonic Unleashed, but still closer to Sonic Adventure.

Talking about the animation, it feels smooth and fluid. The look is just terrific. When playing, hitting the appropriate bumper adds that extra bit of spin to harness the real power of Sonic’s speed. Even if no bumpers are hit, Sonic naturally runs faster, provided no interruption is on his path.

Gamers can also choose to play as Tails and Knuckles right in the demo. When playing, there’s an initial view that can be lopsided, but there’s a way out; players can improve the view by opening the options menu and inverting the camera view to Y-axis control!

The natural downside for projects like Hero’s one is the problem of entangling with license issues, which could escalate to desist letters and scary lawsuits, which could lead to the game’s untimely shut-down. Well, fortunately, Sega has always been helpful to Sonic’s team of fan developers. Like in such a case of 2017’s Sonic Mania (a game that was called the best sonic game in years) employed a team of game developers gotten from the fan game and a hacking forum to build their game.

Whether Sonic: Project Hero would see the light of day or not, Project Hero is going to be a promising and professional proof of works that is worth keeping tabs on.