Telesto Exotic Disabled By Bungie After Players Are Taking Advantage Of An Exploit

Telesto Exotic Disabled By Bungie After Players Are Taking Advantage Of An Exploit
Credit: Nexas via YouTube

Bungie has disabled the Telesto Exotic after players are reportedly using an exploit to rack up kills in Destiny 2.

This was confirmed by the developer in a Twitter post published on Oct. 19. Bungie, however, promised that the move is only temporary. They will also update fans on the result of their investigation to get to the bottom of the issue.

One user Soar Kruzer commented that it’s going to be difficult to fight the OP Hand Cannon wielders now. He said the Telesto Exotic and the Exotic Fusion Rifle are the main reasons he is playing Destiny 2. Needless to say, the decision to freeze the weapon is “devastating” news.

ModernTryhard added that Bungie should pay him his time back. He worked countless hours so that he could obtain the Telesto Exotic from Xur. Now, with the freeze, he could not even use the weapon.

User Balla even has a bigger problem. Apparently, he spent 18 days to get his hands on the Telesto. Finally, after getting it, he managed to enjoy it for just 24 hours after Bungie disabled the weapon.

The Telesto Exotic fires fusion projectiles, which attach to walls and other surfaces. The projectile then explodes after a slight delay or when it senses an enemy close by. You can liken the weapon to a detonating mine, which is great for ambushes and defense.

However, Bungie has been having trouble auditing the kill count caused by the Telesto Exotic projectiles. For instance, during the Blind Well event last year, Destiny 2 counted each detonated charge as a kill.

Also, fans have found a way to use the gun to give them an edge. For instance, if you are using supers like warlocks and hunters, you can use the gun to supercharge. You need to shoot the ground for four to five times before lobbing a grenade on undetonated orbs.

When the grenade explodes, all the particles caught in the blast radius will be counted as a slain enemy. When you do it right, it will give you 100% of your super energy.

In the Twitter post, Bungie said it would freeze Telesto across all activities, which is good news. The massive exploit works multiplayer or player vs. environment modes.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Destiny 2 fans as Xur was still offering Telesto from Oct. 18-22. Now, don’t expect the weapon to be available in the merchant’s inventory. Bungie also has not issued a timetable for the weapons’ return.