New Persona 5 Royal Ad Reveals New Gameplay And Scenes Ahead Of Japan Launch

New Persona 5 Royal Ad Reveals New Gameplay And Scenes Ahead Of Japan Launch
Credit: Atlus via Youtube

Persona 5 first launched in 2016, but Atlus has made it clear they’re not ready to finish the Phantom Thieves’ story.

Atlus is soon releasing Persona 5 Royal, an enhanced edition of the original game on the PlayStation 4. First teased as Persona 5 R in December 2018, Royal takes a similar path to the game before it, Persona 4, where new story content, gameplay, and a new character will be joining the Phantom Thieves.

A new Japanese ad spot teases some of the new content coming to Persona 5 Royal. There is some new footage of the new Phantom Thieves member, Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Atlus previously showcased the newcomer Kasumi in a live stream in late August. Similar to the other characters, she is a student who leads a double life. During the day, she attends class at Shujin Academy while at night she transforms into a Phantom Thief.

Persona 5 Royal will include new story content but also plenty of additional content outside of the main storyline. Players will have plenty of content when they need a break from student life.

One of the new features coming soon is “My Palace,” a customizable area within the protagonist’s memories. Within the palace, players can change the decor with the “Palace Maker” and even the playable character. The items come at a price and must be purchased using “P-medals,” which are gained during normal gameplay. Other characters will also appear in the palace.

There is a new play area where Joker can play various games with his fellow Phantom Thieves.

In a new music box feature, gamers can listen to the soundtrack, including brand new songs coming to the tracklist.

For those who enjoy battles more than socializing, there is a new “Challenge Battle” feature. Joker will have to fight various challenges, including the lead protagonists of Persona 3 and 4. These challenges will increase in difficulty.

Atlus has announced even more Persona 5 goodies coming soon around the same time as the Royals launch. Japanese players will see three limited edition PlayStation 4 consoles in collaboration with Atlus. Each one comes with a DualShock 4 controller that matches the color scheme of the console.

Persona 5 Royal does not come with the limited edition PlayStation 4s and must be purchased separately.

Persona 5 Royal will be released in Japan on October 31. It will launch worldwide later in 2020.