New Items For The Holidays Drop In The Star Wars The Old Republic Cartel Market

New Items For The Holidays Drop In The Star Wars The Old Republic Cartel Market
Credit: Swtheoldrepublic

When new Cartel Market items are dropped, players are both excited and filled with dread due to how the market works. So when 6.0.2 dropped a number of new items, that excitement and dread filled the hearts of the player base.

The release of a new round of Cartel Market items gives players a round of new items, both cosmetic and not. This time brings in the Furious Gladiator Bundle, the Festival Dress Set, Furious Gladiator Weapons, the Pure Sabacc and Idiot’s Array Weapons, the Valiant Defender Lightsaber, and Dualsaber, Model Class Starships Bundle, Advanced Viridian Color Crystals, Onderon, Mek-Sha, and Dxun Snowglobe Decorations and the Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle.

The Furious Gladiator Bundle contains the full Furious Gladiator armor set and a four-legged cybernetic creature used as a creature mount.

The Festival Dress set, is, of course, a dress that players can wear for the holiday event. Though, unlike previous years’ Life Day clothes, this is an outfit that can only be worn by female characters.

The Furious Gladiator Weapons include a pistol, a rifle, a sniper rifle, and an assault cannon, which look well suited for the Furious Gladiator armor set.

The Pure Sabacc and Idiot’s Array weapons are rifles and sniper rifles, so despite their names implying they’re best suited to smugglers, they’re best suited to Vanguards, Operatives, and Snipers, since Smugglers can only use pistols.

The Valiant Defender Lightsaber and Valiant Defender Dualsaber are exactly as the names imply. The Valiant Defender Lightsaber is a single hilt lightsaber that can be used by characters that can use one lightsaber, which is the Sage, Sorceror, Guardian and Juggernaut, and those who can use two lightsabers at once, which are the Sentinel and Marauder. The Dualsaber, however, is restricted to the Shadow/Assassin classes and companions who use Dualsabers.

The Model Class Ship Bundle is filled with models of the player starships, which can be equipped to follow the player around, or they can be placed as decorations in the player stronghold.

The Advanced Viridian Color Crystals are three statted crystals that players can equip in their lightsabers and blasters to modify their weapons’ colors.

The Onderon, Mek-Sha and Dxun Snowglobe Decoration Bundle are exactly as they sound; decorations to be placed in the player stronghold.

And the final Cartel Market item is the Alderaan Noble’s Decoration Bundle is exactly as it sounds; a set of decorations for the stronghold.

Not everyone is looking forward to these bundles, however. There’s an exploit where players are able to post their referral codes in chat, and if a subscriber uses it, they’re able to get free cartel coins every month. This allows players to buy a lot of Cartel Market items to resell for hundreds of millions of credits on the Galactic Trade Market.

This was, of course, not the intended use of referral codes. Referral codes were meant to bring in new players, not to be used to exploit the in-game auction house mechanic.  Combining this with players who buy items like this and resell them at a higher price after sitting on them for a long time, the Galactic Trade Market is vastly overpriced for players who don’t want to utilize this exploit.

With the new items from Cartel Market, players can look forward to new looks, new weapons, new ideas for their strongholds, and a market that costs far more than regular players can afford. If players have the Cartel Coins to get what they want now, they should spend them as soon as possible.