A Trailer For PlayStation 5’s First Game Called Godfall Was Revealed At The Game Awards

A Trailer For PlayStation 5’s First Game Called Godfall Was Revealed At The Game Awards
Credit: Gearbox Official via YouTube

The Game Awards 2019 just finished last night. There were a ton of great awards given out and teaser trailers featured. That’s always been a shining aspect of these awards every year. Gamers from around the world get to tune in and see what’s on the horizon for their favorite consoles.

There has been a lot of consumer interest in Sony’s next console, the PlayStation 5. Just what exactly will it look like and what type of power and performance will it have? Although we still have yet to receive answers for a lot of these questions, we do know what the first launch game will be on the innovative and new system.

That is none other than Godfall, a third-person looter/slasher from Gearbox Publishing. An announcement trailer for the game was revealed at The Game Awards. For many, it stole the show. We don’t see any official gameplay, but we do see some pretty cool cinematic sequences. There’s some sort of end of days scenario at play, and a band of warriors look to be the last line of defense.

Looking at the characters’ armor, it’s amazingly detailed. It just goes to show the potential of the PS5. The trailer concludes with a holiday 2020 release date. Already, Godfall is looking like a great launch game for the PS5. It could be just the title to usher in a new era for Sony and attract a whole new demographic of gamers.

Pealing back the curtain a bit on Godfall, it looks like there will be an emphasis on melee combat as opposed to using heavy-duty guns. That’s an interesting change of pace for Gearbox, who’s notorious for including a bevy of weapons in their Borderlands games.

Like most looter-shooters, though, you’ll be able to earn a lot of incredible gear after every battle. That includes armor and stylish swords. Every encounter with an enemy is a chance to earn helpful gear that you can use in future battles.

The armor and melee-oriented weapons look amazing, so it’s pretty promising to contemplate what sort of enemies and bosses this game will feature. Gearbox always has done a good job in that department.

We haven’t seen what the PlayStation 5 looks like, but at least we know about one game coming down the pipe for the highly anticipated console. As we draw closer to holiday 2020, expect to hear about many others. It’s an exciting time to be a PlayStation fan.