Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Boasts Of Real World Matches, VFR Now Possible, Alpha Starts In October

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Boasts Of Real World Matches, VFR Now Possible, Alpha Starts In October
Credit: David Santos via YouTube

The upcoming game Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is packed with features that every fan can look forward to. With its alpha coming this month, each gamer must now register to finally experience it.

Thirty-six years ago, the original title was launched not only for Windows and Xbox One. It was also made available for DOS and Classic MacOS.

After the 1982 release of the game, Microsoft decided to stop operating the Aces Game Studio. This is the branch that took charge of the piloting sim. However, Dovetail Games was given the rights to port the Steam version in 2014. Thus, Flight Simulator 2: Steam Edition was born.

This month, fans could get the chance to play a new version once again. The Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 alpha gameplay will be enjoyed twice a month.

Interested fans must sign up before October 17 to join the October session. The November schedule still has to be determined, though. Therefore, this is something that they must keep an eye on.

Before experiencing the alpha, there is also another platform that would tickle the fans’ curiosity and excitement further.

Those who have signed up for the Insider Program of the game can have access to a vlog series. The featured videos will provide them an idea of how Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was developed.

The first entry of the vlog series has been uploaded on YouTube. This showed the developer sharing some interesting details. Accordingly, what its features are real-world matches. The visual flight rules (VFR) are now possible in the sequel as well.

The VFR is a set of guidelines that allow pilots to operate the aircraft in weather conditions that make flying possible.

In the pilot vlog entry of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Insider Program, everything is visibly well-detailed. The developer clearly exerted so much effort in making each component of the game look real. The movements are remarkable, too. They are undeniably smooth. They even resemble those seen in natural environments.

The color and texture of all components, including the bodies of water and landscapes, are extra vibrant as well.

Based on the game’s description published on the Xbox website, the game lets players fly different aircraft. These range from the light ones to the wide-body planes and jets. Fans may also opt to design their flight plans, from identifying their starting point to determining the destination.

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