Mario Kart Tour Is Doing Great In The Sales Department Thanks To Microtransactions, According To Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour Is Doing Great In The Sales Department Thanks To Microtransactions, According To Nintendo
Credit: Nintendo Wire via YouTube

There have been a lot of mobile games that have made a huge impact on the gaming industry overall. One of these is the most recent Mario Kart Tour by Nintendo. This game is doing amazing in terms of downloads. Fans of the series have loved the ability to take their favorite kart racing franchise on the go. It opens up new experiences both locally and around the world.

It also doesn’t hurt that Mario Kart Tour is completely free to play. For no charge, you can select your favorite character and hit the tracks for some action-packed races. This mobile game is also doing well in the sales department. That’s according to a recent earnings call. The game only came out in September and it’s already projected to smash sales records.

A reason for this great commercial success is the microtransactions. You have randomized items that players can purchase. Then, you have the Gold Pass subscription package. It pretty much gives you access to more items and race tracks. It’s clear that users have loved the game so much that they’re purchasing these microtransactions left and right.

Microtransactions overall are a pretty polarizing subject. On one hand, you have developers who need to make a living. These microtransactions give them the chance to continually make money well after a game comes out. The other side feels these transactions are predatory and target those who are addicted to getting the latest and great items.

Nintendo has been in a tough situation regarding how they monetize Mario Kart Tour. You can imagine there are plenty who’ve avoided the game all together because they don’t support these sort of practices. However, there will always be those who pursue microtransactions as a way to get ahead of the competition or just have access to new content.

Whichever side you fall on, it’s hard to argue the amazing success that this mobile game is having. It continues to put up impressive download numbers every month, and if Nintendo continues to put out free and premium content, you can bet users will be sticking around.

Overall, this kart racer is not half bad for a mobile game. Sure, it’s not a full-fledged Mario Kart experience, but it does have its shining moments. You don’t get to press on the gas pedal, but you still get to have fun controlling your character’s turns and throwing items for utter anarchy.

Let’s just hope Nintendo doesn’t abuse their microtransaction moving forward, as they’ve been pretty good at being clairvoyant with its fanbase over the last couple of years.