Major Upgrades Have Been Added To Devil May Cry 3 On The Nintendo Switch, Including Style and Weapon Swapping

Major Upgrades Have Been Added To Devil May Cry 3 On The Nintendo Switch, Including Style and Weapon Swapping
Credit: Devil May Cry Via YouTube

Devil May Cry has been seeing a bit of a renaissance lately, with re-releases galore. One such re-release is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 20. It is Devil May Cry 3, one of the most popular Devil May Cry titles of all time.

Just one year after the release of the very popular Devil May Cry 5, users can travel back to this prequel game, that follows Dante in one of his earliest battles with his brother, Virgil.

Capcom revealed a number of changes that will be coming to this game on the Switch. One of them is Style Switching, a feature that proved extremely popular in both Devil May Cry 4 and 5. That really sets this re-release aside from some of the other ports this franchise has had over the years, which improved on the graphics, but little else.

The inclusion of style change functionality will fundamentally change the way people play this game, offering a whole new experience for seasoned veterans of Dante’s story.

There will also be an expanded weapon swapping system, giving players the ability the change gear on the fly more easily. Initially, Devil May Cry 3 featured a standard swap system, which had been introduced in Devil May Cry 2 (the lowest low-point for this series). However, the Switch version will feature a more flexible weapon load out, allowing players to switch both melee and firearms on a whim during battle.

Game producer Matt Walker talked a bit about this on Twitter.

Walker explains that the ZR button will change melee weapons and the ZL button will swap out the firearms. Holding either button down allows you to cycle through a menu as well, using the right stick.

Walker noted that in the original Devil May Cry 3, players chose two melee weapons and two firearms at the beginning of each level, which could be swapped out at any Divinity Statue. However, players no longer have to do that and will have access to their entire arsenal at all times.

These new changes will be available in a new game mode called Free Style. That means purists who want to re-create their original Devil May Cry 3 playthrough will be able to play the game as it once was, as well.

This marks the final PlayStation 2 port from the Devil May Cry series coming to the Nintendo Switch. With this port, it seems as though the developers are trying to bring the heightened experience of Devil May Cry 4 and 5 to this earlier title, in a move that is sure to please fans.