Luigi’s Mansion 3 To Be Released On Nintendo Switch On All Hallow’s Eve On Oct. 31

Luigi’s Mansion 3 To Be Released On Nintendo Switch On All Hallow’s Eve On Oct. 31
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

Luigis’ Mansion 3 has a confirmed release date, and it’s going to be on the creepiest day of the year–Halloween. This was confirmed by the Japanese company in a tweet on July 17.

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, the setting is a huge departure from the usually haunted mansion. Instead, Luigi and the gang will find themselves in a spooky hotel full of dark secrets.

In the story, Luigi is joined by Mario and Princess Peach, along with some toads, for an invitation.

Little do they know that something sinister awaits them in Last Resort hotel. Everyone turns in for sleep. But at midnight, Luigi is roused only to find out that everybody is missing.

It turns out that King Boo imprisoned everybody except Luigi inside a painting. But not for lack of trying. King Boo, however, failed to suck in Luigi inside the painting.

It’s now up to Luigi to save his friends from King Boo. You must navigate through 17 floors of the haunted hotel to finish objectives. Each completed mission will get you closer to saving your friends. Meanwhile, along the way, you will solve puzzles, battle ghosts, and level bosses.

The gameplay is very interactive. You can destroy not just ghosts but also cause damage to your environment. Luigi is equipped with the familiar Poltergust Vacuum, which can stun ghosts. But you will also see that Luigi will have new abilities in the third installment of the series.

In a previous interview with Gamespot, the game’s producer, Kensuki Tanabe, said they decided on a haunted hotel setting for the challenge. He said they wanted gamers to feel a different atmosphere. But also on the larger scale, it’s easy for fans to visualize their location within the game so they can strategize.

Meanwhile, Yoshihito Ikebata, the supervisor of the game, said that a hotel also provides different opportunities for layering. For instance, they can change the atmosphere and mood quickly as the player goes to a different floor or room.

It also enables programmers to spring surprises on different floors, rooms, spaces, crevices, and even furniture. Apparently, Gooigi will also make an appearance in the anticipated game.

For those who are not familiar with the character, Gooigi is the clone of Luigi. He debuted in the remake of Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo 3DS.

Here’s an extended Luigi’s Mansion 3 trailer so you can get a feel of what the game is going to be like.