Lost Orbit Terminal Velocity Is The Remake That Fans Have Been Waiting A Long Time For

Lost Orbit Terminal Velocity Is The Remake That Fans Have Been Waiting A Long Time For
Credit: PixelNauts

Lost orbit is speeding towards its remastered edition as you venture back into the emptiness of space. The game is bringing a whole new epilogue, a collection of new challenge levels and a polished experience to its original formula. Travel again as Harrison travels through the stars with his robot sidekick.

The game has a more cinematic retelling than the original game and brings an entirely new perspective onto the challenges the hero faces. The entire game has been redone to improve the experience with polished levels, timing, and improved controls.

The story carries forward even more as the epilogue shows the events after the hero saves his sister. Things are much worse, and space pirates roam the system salvaging anything they can find. Ferro Corp is discovered rounding up refugees and creating forced labor contracts. Harrison must escape the chaos spreading through the system and travel home in hopes of having a place to call his own.

Players must boost, swim, bounce, leap, smash and teleport through several obstacles in an empty galaxy. The artistic style of the game gives a beautiful feeling to the adventure as you must travel back home to civilization. All your equipment is improved, and you only have the relentless survival spirit of an astronaut as players travel through 65 levels across five systems.

The original game only had four systems, but this retelling includes an additional 15 challenging levels to test only the most committed starfaring adventurers. There is also new mechanics being added to the game as players now have the ability to smash deleted cores and send them flying to clear any obstacles in their path. Along with a new drill upgrade allowing you to punch through and asteroids, you must dodge the space pirates that are trying to fun down poor Harrison.

Some of the levels are more story-focused then others, and it will take the work of clever astronauts to help citizens of the universe in need. Players must be warned through as battling through pirate-filled mines could cause an encounter with an enormous space pirate ship waiting for you on the other side. So travel fast and enjoy this experience through space and more space.

The game is a fast-paced dodging game creating by PixelNauts Games and will be launching on July 16th. For players who own the game already on Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 will be provided with a free upgrade to their current game.