Limited Edition Final Fantasy VII Remake Themed Wristwatch Will Cost Up To $2,500 To Own

Limited Edition Final Fantasy VII Remake Themed Wristwatch Will Cost Up To $2,500 To Own
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix recently announced that everyone who pre-ordered a copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake from the Square Enix store will be entered to win a special edition Final Fantasy VII Chronograph watch themed after either Cloud or Sephiroth.

The good news on this is that people who did not pre-order through Square Enix can still get their hands on this watch. The bad news is, it’s going to cost you a lot more than the game’s signature Gil currency.

The watch is a limited edition specialty chronograph timepiece. In case you were wondering, chronograph timepiece is a souped up way of saying, it’s a watch.

The watch in question will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500, plus tax.

It is manufactured by Seiko Instruments, and features a case made of stainless steel with a mirrored finish. The watch also has a blue sapphire glass crown that is meant to be inspired by the game’s Materia system. Materia is how the characters in Final Fantasy VII use magical abilities.

According to the watch’s official product description, it comes with certain design flourishes that include, “exposed mechanics of the all-glass back panel” and a rotor embossed with the Final Fantasy VII logo.

The timepiece also features a three dimensional Cloud Wolf emblem with a mother-of-pearl central disk inspired by the game’s Mako.

This is going to be a hard item to get your hands on, as there will be only 77 pieces made per region. Each one comes in a special case and is described as an ideal “centerpiece of anyone’s collection for years to come.”

The images of the watch that have been shared are little more than prototypes, with the actual product running the risk of looking different from what was originally shown.

The watch is expected to release before the game, on March 31, 2020. This date is just an approximation at this time and shipping could take longer, specifically for those who are importing the item.

Of course, shipping costs shouldn’t be an issue for anyone with this product, as the Square Enix store offers free shipping on any orders above $75.

Final Fantasy VII Remake was originally slated to release next month, but developers recently pushed that date back another few weeks to April 10, 2020. That announcement came on the same day that Square Enix also said it would be delaying the long-awaited Marvel’s The Avengers game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a complete remake of the original 1997 release of Final Fantasy VII. While the game has seen a number of remasters over the years, most recently releasing on the Nintendo Switch, this will be the first time that it is completely remade.