League Of Legends, Clash Game Mode Full Launch Details – Release date, How To Play, Rewards

League Of Legends, Clash Game Mode Full Launch Details – Release date, How To Play, Rewards
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

After almost two years of beta testing, Clash is finally ready for a full launch in League of Legends, and we’ve got all the information you need to jump in and start playing on the launch weekend at the end of February.

After years of development, Clash will finally become a regular League game mode in February. Feedback from December’s beta for the tournament system was positive, and with server load issues dealt with, the feature is now ready for its full launch.ry.

Starting on Feb. 22, Clash will be open to all players, with those that register a team online receiving one free ticket. In previous Clash events, tickets have cost either 990 Blue Essence or 215 RP. If players do purchase the ticket with RP, it will upgrade to the Premium Ticket, which increases the prizes received at the end of the tournament. In order to compete, players must also have reached level 30, completed at least one Summoner’s Rift ranked queue, and have their League of Legends account verified.

The newest iteration of Clash will include several updates, perhaps most importantly increasing the number of matches played during the tournament from two to three. Riot Games also discussed increasing rewards and how future tournament schedules need to be run as to not make the tournaments feel too long.

For those planning to enter the Clash tournament, teams will need to establish a team captain, who in turn will need to create a team name, logo, and tag for the events. The team will then be placed in a tier depending on their overall skill level. The tiers range from I to IV, with I being the highest. Games in Clash are single elimination, so teams need to prepare to climb to the top. Despite being single elimination, players can enter the second tournament on Feb. 23 to try and earn better rewards.

Riot Games has not said much else, so players will have to wait until Feb. 22 gets a little closer for more information. That gives players plenty of time until the start of the tournament to get some practice in and, more importantly, pick out their team name and logo.

Are you ready for Clash to return to League of Legends? Already got a few friends picked out to spike the tournament? Let us know in the comments below how you plan on turret diving for first blood in the comments below! Make sure to follow us for all your League of Legends news and Clash updates.