Laughing Machines Uploads The First Gameplay Trailer Of UnDungeon, Looks Fantastic

Laughing Machines Uploads The First Gameplay Trailer Of UnDungeon, Looks Fantastic
Credit: tinyBuildGAMES via YouTube

It almost seems on command, and I would be a bit more cynical if I wasn’t the one doing all of the dang typing.  Less than twenty-four hours after some discussion on how UnDungeon is bringing their lore and mechanics to light in a manner that doesn’t seem like a developer awkwardly standing there and talking to potential consumers, Laughing Machines uploaded an UnDungeon gameplay trailer that seems to be everything that many are hoping for.

It’s worth noting that this also gives a bit of clarification in terms of capitalization: Laughing Machines Steam page spells UnDungeon multiple ways, so its a bit of a crapshoot in terms of getting it right.  The YouTube channel, however, seems to be correct; it’s UnDungeon, not Undungeon as previously reported.  Don’t put that at my feet.

We could talk endlessly about what the gameplay trailer holds, but first it would make sense for you to watch.

Oh goodness me, that art style is simply impeccable.  Also true to Laughing Machines word is that the gameplay seeems to be not only fast-paced but offering many dynamics for players to experiment with to get their ideal character.

We see multiple screens that show us the ability to equip multiple items into various character slots, all presumably with their own quirks and abilities that they offer one of the seven playable characters.  While the characters are seen in various pieces of promotional materials, it’d be fantastic to get a closer look at some of the others.

UnDungeon via Laughing Machines

The plague doctor mask reaper champ we keep seeing simply seems a bit slow in terms of movement, and the claw attacks looks a bit repetitive for a title that appears to boast replayability at its core across multiple universes, or the multiverse as the developers have taken to calling it.

We can also see a bit of what appears to be questing dialogue, no doubt offering the Heralds (the in-game playable characters, or heroes of the title) a bit of power in exchange for running around in circles for a while as you’re squashing enemies.

The only part that has some concerned is that, as stated, the combat looks a bit bland.  While there are throwables seen in the gameplay trailer, the attacks seem almost monotonous, which isn’t what many are looking for in a combat-centric roguelike.  Laughing Machines still has plenty of time to add untold amounts of polish to their title, however, so let’s keep the faith for a bit longer.