KeeperRL Has Just Released An Alpha Build, Explore A Unique Dungeon Simulation RPG Roguelike Adventure

KeeperRL Has Just Released An Alpha Build, Explore A Unique Dungeon Simulation RPG Roguelike Adventure
Credit: Michal Brzozowski via Youtube

Electric Succubi has been working very hard on their indie dungeon simulation game KeeperRL. The Alpha content update has added tons of new content to the game, making it an even more detailed combat simulation with base-building and roguelike mechanics.

The Alpha 30 update adds in the Gnomes as a brand new playable faction alongside tons of fixes and features tot he core game. Craft mechanical contraptions and dominate dungeons and battlefields using Gnomish smarts rather than brute force. Take the role of an evil wizard and begin exploiting everything around you to stock up and defend your dungeon. Become the keeper in KeeperRL. 

For an indie project, KeeperRL is am ambitious simulator mixed with RPG elements. As you build up your dungeon as an evil wizard, you will have to gear your minions, explore the world, and murder innocent villagers. Build your dungeon and prepare for the assault of angry survivors from your rampages.

Build your dungeon, lay down traps, and prepare for the heroes come to avenge the villages you destroyed. This is the beginning phase of the game, but things change about halfway through.

Once you control your minions, this game turns into a classic roguelike with a turn-based tactical combat system. Play as an adventurer and assault your own dungeons or defend them using your minions.

Dig deep into the mountains and build dozens of rooms, corridors, and traps. Train and produce weapons and armor as you research new technologies to improve your forces. Master the arts of alchemy, beat mutation, and sorcery.

This world is simulated on a detailed level. Creatures use their equipment, tons of items, and spells are scattered across the world. Cut off the heads of enemies or poison them, even fire has a realistic response when spreading across forests and even your own stronghold.

Large procedurally generated maps await exploration. Around your base are castles, villages, dungeons, and more. Slay heroes and dragons, loot their bodies, and prepare your forces with their gear. Every game will be different, giving players a unique world to explore at a moment’s notice.

Share your map online with other players. Download dungeons from other players and explore them as an adventurer set forth to loot their stronghold.

KeeperRL is available on Steam for $14.99. This game is already in Early Access, although it is an alpha build of the game. Constant work and updates from its dedicated developer continue to evolve this game into a finished piece ready for exploration.