Is Terry Bogard Having A Comeback This November On Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Yes Indeed, Says Masahiro Sakurai

Is Terry Bogard Having A Comeback This November On Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Yes Indeed, Says Masahiro Sakurai
Credit: SNK World via YouTube

After numerous leaks and forum speculations, the fourth DLC fighter has been confirmed by Nintendo ahead of an upcoming Livestream to appear in Super Smash Bros Ultimate this November.

Terry Bogard of Fatal Fury is said to be the fourth DLC fighter in Super Smash Ultimate Bros and will be confirmed in an upcoming Livestream where every detail will be broken down along with other surprises players should expect.

Although other sources had confirmed the suspicions to be true that Terry Bogard is indeed appearing this November, an official post from Nintendo has revealed the Easter eggs as an expected release date. Today, an official tweet from Nintendo Versus uncovered that the Director of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Masahiro Sakurai, is about to host a roughly 45-minute Livestream to break down the latest DLC fighter on the block.

This Livestream is scheduled at 5 AM PT on November 6, and the broadcast will give the community a thorough look at the upcoming DLC Fighter, Terry Bogard hailing from the Fatal Fury series! Also, Terry Bogard will be joining other fighters like Piranha Plant, Hero from Dragon Quest XI, Rare’s Banjo & Kazooie, and Joker from Persona 5.

To put, if the release date is to be revealed following the broadcast, then there’s a high possibility that Terry Bogard can be used in tournaments for upcoming events. Nintendo would do this once Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online opens.

Also, the post unveiled there will be a brand update in the nearest future. For instance, this update will include fighter adjustments, meaning replay data from previous versions will stop working, as written on Nintendo Versus.

However, it’s safe to convert the replay files before the update overrides them forever. Besides, the official Sash Bros Website has been updated to show the announcement, selecting Terry Bogard as the 74th Fighter that is to be added in Smash Ultimate.

In as much as the listing of fighters confirmed Terry Bogard, one would be certain after the Livestream with the director. However, the Smash community won’t have to wait for so long again before they get their hands on the newest character.

Based on earlier expansions, DLC fighters have always had the ability to the list immediately after character breakdowns, so this means Terry Bogard would be playable shortly after Sakurai’s Livestream ends.

With the recent server maintenance going on, it likely to see the Fighter included during downtime. Although Terry Bogard is the fourth DLC fighter, the game itself has other future additions to make shortly.