HyperX New RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Alloy Origins Core Is Now Available

HyperX New RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Alloy Origins Core Is Now Available
Credit: HyperX via YouTube

HyperX, the world’s biggest independent memory producer, has recently announced the new edition of its popular gaming keyboards lineup called HyperX Alloy Origins Core. The company created this latest gaming device with HyperX Red switch for better performance and lifespan.

The Alloys mechanical keyboards have an outstanding lifespan of eighty million keystrokes without loss of function. Its actuation force is also considerably shorter, which means that gamers can receive a quick response with only a slight press of the keycap.

The device has a tenkeyless keyboard layout with a compact design so that gamers can freely move the mouse without much hindrance. It also comes with a detachable USB type C to type A keyboard wire, which increases its portability. Moreover, gamers can adjust the keyboard feet to three distinct tilt angles for the best and most comfortable position.

The mechanical gaming device also has exposed LED backlit keys that illuminate brightly with glowing lighting effects. The brightness intensity is easily adjustable to five distinct levels, which considerably improve the game performance, regardless of whether it is at night or in the morning. The keyboard gets constructed with complete aluminum material for durability and stability.

The business manager for the company’s keyboards, Jennifer Ishii, stated the company’s excitement for the launch of the new mechanical keyboards that come with HyperX red switches. She added that the gaming device is built mainly for avid fans of tenkeyless keyboards, which offer the gamers a better performing TKL keyboard choice.

The brand-new keyboards also come with a customizable Game Mode, where gamers can freely pick which types of keys they want to enable or disable. The macro library can place and store the macro-keys. Furthermore, the Alloy keyboards are armed with NGENUITY software, which provides an advance personalization function for both the macros and lighting features, such as customizing the lighting features of each key. Gamers also have the option to store up to three of their profiles for on-the-fly gameplay with the software.

Other released specs and details of this latest mechanical device include:

· Keyboards with 100% anti-ghosting, N-key mode rollover, and media control
· Key switches that have a linear style
· The braided USB cable that measures up to 1.8 meters
· The keyboard and cable’s weight are about 900 grams

HyperX’s brand new RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is available both in the company’s retail and e-tail stores. The company also supported the keyboard with a two-year warranty.