Human NPCs Coming To Fallout 76 Won’t Occur Until Later In 2020 According To Bethesda

Human NPCs Coming To Fallout 76 Won’t Occur Until Later In 2020 According To Bethesda
Credit: Caurbine S via YouTube

Fallout has been a series historically known for great RPGs. These games immerse you in fantastic post-apocalyptic environments. There is so much to do and see in these games. Many were hoping Fallout 76 would be the next big RPG from the company, but unfortunately, it wasn’t received with open arms.

Quite the opposite happened, in fact. Gamers were upset with the bevvy of bugs and lack of engaging content, leading to many suspecting that Bethesda rushed the game out before it was really ready for a release. Bethesda has since gone on record documenting some of the struggles that prevented Fallout 76 from living up to expectations.

They haven’t given up on the game, though. Like Bioware did with the polarizing Anthem, Bethesda is continuing to support Fallout 76 with new events and content. An upgrade that many have been looking forward to is the Wastelanders update, which is supposedly bringing lots of human NPCs to the game. That’s been one of the major complaints about this AAA RPG. Your character doesn’t have captivating interactions with other humans. Rather, robots and audio logs direct you around the West Virginia wasteland.

Unfortunately, this major update has been delayed until later in 2020. Bethesda confirmed this pushback just recently, explaining that their plans are pretty lofty and will require more time to get right. Now, the Wastelanders update won’t be official until sometime in March.

That’s probably not the news people who’ve stuck around want to hear. They want meaningful connections and captivating dialogue with human NPCs. In the meantime, players can look forward to the addition of private servers. Gamers have wanted these ever since launch, and Bethesda has listened to community feedback. The servers will be ready sometime next week.

There are a lot of other improvements being made to Fallout 76 as well, including the addition of new events, perks, and reward system. Some have complained about the ability to buy perks to gain a superior advantage online. Bethesda will be addressing this issue to make the online interactions more fair.

When the human NPCs are added, you can bet Fallout 76 will see an increase in user activity. This addition alone could be enough to save Fallout 76 and restore a lot of good faith that Bethesda lost at launch. We’re now a couple of months away from finding out. You have to give credit where it’s due, though. Bethesda is doing everything they can to please the loyal Fallout community.