Graveyard Keeper DLC Stranger Sins Adds Hours Of GamePlay And New Business Opportunity

Graveyard Keeper DLC Stranger Sins Adds Hours Of GamePlay And New Business Opportunity
Credit: tinyBuild via Steam

Graveyard Keeper is a historically-inaccurate medieval cemetery simulation game developed by Lazy Bear Games and published by tinyBuild in 2018.

Similar to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, in Graveyard Keeper, players have to take care of their property, help the local villagers, and explore dungeons.

The protagonist, a modern-day man, starts his story by heading home to see his beloved. On the way, he’s involved in an accident, which sends him into a run-down cemetery. He then becomes the “Graveyard Keeper.” The hero has to improve the cemetery before even thinking of going back home.

tinyBuild announced new DLC was coming, right in time for Halloween. “Stranger Sins” adds 4-8 hours of gameplay, adds achievements, and builds upon the relationships with previously silent NPCs.

From the official Steam page: “Backstory is not the only thing. Do you remember Lumberjack, Beekeeper, brothers Cory and Tress, and the other silent NPCs? Almost all of them will find a voice and character in this DLC. And these characters will be even crazier than in the original game. In search of mysterious artefacts of antiquity, you will learn more about the backstory and relationships of these NPCs. If you convince them to talk.”

The Keeper will have a new business opportunity: opening a tavern. No longer will the Keeper have to head outside the cemetery to speak to villages. If the business is successful, patrons will come to him. The tavern is an additional way to bring in income and opens up the opportunity for automated beverage production.

Other fun events included with the DLC include a rat race and stand-up events. More villager quests have also been added to the DLC, along with general bug fixes. If players already own the soundtrack DLC, tracks from “Stranger Sins” will automatically be included.

The DLC’s name comes from a trend of naming content after popular media. tinyBuild previously released the “Breaking Dead” DLC that enabled the Keeper to build armies of the undead. The troops are not to be used for harm, but to complete Keeper’s tedious everyday chores.

While the “Breaking Dead” was released for free, “Stranger Sins” will be paid DLC.

The Graveyard Keeper DLC “Stranger Sins” is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2019, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.