NZXT Adopts ASRock’s Phantom Gaming Logo As A New Theme For Its H Series Cases

NZXT Adopts ASRock’s Phantom Gaming Logo As A New Theme For Its H Series Cases
Credit: Zenchillis Hardware Reviews via YouTube

After PUBG and Overwatch, NZXT has introduced another theme for its vaunted H Series cases. This time, the manufacturer is not taking inspiration from a video game for the aesthetics of the case.

Those who installed a Phantom Gaming board from ASRock will love this new case from NZXT.

The NZXT H510i Phantom Gaming case is still equipped with the company’s patented cable management system. However, there are some upgrades to this new case, such as the USB-C connector on the front. The USB-C can support USB 3.1 Gen 2 devices for high-speed data transfer.

Meanwhile, the tempered glass panel on the side is very easy to install as it only requires a lone thumbscrew. The glass panel will also allow users to showcase their build.

The Smart Device here has also been upgraded to V2. The Smart Device V2 boasts of a much faster microprocessor to control RGB lighting, as well as the fans.

The H510i case has dual Aer F 120mm fans to keep your PC cool. It is also equipped with a removable bracket that can accommodate two 280mm radiators. If you want water cooling, setting it up on this housing is also very simple.

For the uninitiated, the “i” on the brand means that the fan controller and smart lighting can be activated.

The Phantom Gaming case features brackets that allow for vertical mounting of your GPU. Meanwhile, you can stuff here 2+1 HDD ad 2+1 SSD. You can also find in the front I/O the 3.5mm jack for the headset. The I/O also supports a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type A port and the USB-C port.

In January this year, ASRock launched the Phantom Gaming brand, whose sole purpose is to develop top-of-the-line gaming products. The brand will combine performance, stability, quality, durability, and compatibility. The core vision of the brand is to be mysterious, fast, and unbeatable.

To ensure product quality, ASRock will work with its partners and suppliers. This will guarantee that any product for gamers, PC enthusiasts, and professionals will reflect the quality of the brand.

The Phantom Gaming board is designed to optimize the 9th generation Intel Core chips. With its overclocking potential and lower temperature, this ASRock motherboard will get the job done and more.

You can go to the NZXT website for more information on the H510i Phantom Gaming case. You can also order from their site if you are interested in copping this ASRock-themed computer housing.