ASRock Reveals X299 Motherboard Line Up For Intel’s 10th Gen-X Series

ASRock Reveals X299 Motherboard Line Up For Intel’s 10th Gen-X Series
Credit: Level1Techs via YouTube

ASRock seems to be getting its inspiration from Hollywood. The Taiwanese-based tech manufacturer will soon be coming out with sequels to its highly successful line-up of ASRockX299 motherboards.

And like today’s film companies, ASRock did not settle for just one sequel. Instead, it unveiled a trilogy of motherboards to be released after the original X299. The manufacturer surely knows how to strike while the iron is hot.

So far, ASRock has already bared three of its latest motherboards. These models include the X299 Taichi CLX, X299 Creator, and X299 Steel Legend. From their names alone, they seem to sound like titles of a popular superhero franchise.

What makes this trio of ASRock X299 motherboards stand out from their predecessor? For starters, they include heatsink designs and a new power delivery system. These features allow compatibility with Intel’s Gen-X series of high-end processors, which are arriving in November.

As its name suggests, the X299 Creator was developed primarily with content creators in mind. Although this model can make a dent on your budget, its specs are enough to justify its beefy price tag. In short, users will surely get a bang for their buck.

Essentially, the X299 Creator is at the higher end of the three ASRock X299 successors. It boasts of an Aquantia AQC107 10GbE port and supported by Intel’s I219-V Gigabit NIC chipset. And with the Creator’s dual Ethernet ports, the heaviest downloads become a snap.

Moreover, this motherboard provides content creators with increased expandability, which is crucial in their work. With its PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2 slots and THUNDERBOLT 3 port, the transfer of large files becomes effortless.

If the X299 Creator was specifically built for creators of content, the X299 Steel Legend was made for ordinary users. In short, this model might not contain cutting-edge features like the Creator, but will still impress due to its performance.

The X299 is equipped with a Gen 2×2 type-C, USB 3.2, which provides a transfer speed of 20Gbps. It doesn’t have THUNDERBOLT 3 but makes up for this with RGB lights that can be controlled from the computer.

The X299 Taichi CLX, on the other hand, is the middle brother of the ASRock X299 motherboards. It takes the best features of the Creator, and the Steel Legend combines them to provide an extraordinary user experience.

Similar to the Creator, the Taichi CLX possesses 4 PCIe x16 slots and one 3.0 PCIe Slot. But the great thing about this motherboard is its compatibility with Intel’s X-series, which have an LGA-2066 socket design.