Hearthstone’s Patch 17.0 Is Live, Bringing The New Demon Hunter Hero!

Hearthstone’s Patch 17.0 Is Live, Bringing The New Demon Hunter Hero!
Credit: Hearthstone via YouTube

Hearthstone is getting a huge amount of new content in the coming weeks. With the Ashes of Outland expansion pack coming down the pipe, there’s plenty to be excited about.

Blizzard has gone ahead and added a pre-expansion patch that brings in some of the features we can expect from the Ashes of Outland expansion. more than anything, the patch is designed to get the game ready for the massive influx of content the expansion pack will be bringing.

The first thing to get hyped about is that they’re adding in Illidan Stormrage! However, it doesn’t seem like Demon Hunter is being added in yet, as there isn’t any Demon Hunter cards being added and Illidan’s hero power is separate from the one that Blizzard announced they would give him as the Demon Hunter class. This Illidan is a battlegrounds-specific hero, being added ahead of his full addition as a hero to the game.

Two new minions are also being added to battlegrounds, including the Deflect-o-bot and Felfin Navigator, both of whom are tier-3 cards. Four other cards are being changed around as well, including Dr. Boom, Giggling Inventor, Raiding Party, and Reckless Experimenter.

There’s a good number of cards being added into the Hall of Fame as well. Players who have these cards will get to keep them and will also be granted the full Arcane Dust value for each card, up to the maximum number of copies of a card that can be used in the deck. The cards are as follows:

  • Acolyte of Pain
  • Spellbreaker
  • Mind Control Tech
  • Mountain Giant
  • Leeroy Jenkins
  • Auchenai Soulpriest
  • Holy Fire
  • Shadowform
  • Prophet Velen
  • Divine Spirit
  • Northshire Cleric

Hall of Fame cards can only be obtained by crafting, but there’s a good chance you already have most of these cards, especially if you’re a Priest player given that six of them are Priest-specific. It’s a good time to reorganize your Hall of Fame deck if you’ve been enjoying that format with these 11 cards opening up so many new possibilities.

The Demon Hunter class won’t be added until April 7th, but there’s going to be a prologue added in on April 2nd! Playing through this prologue will give you all ten Demon Hunter Basic cards, as well as a twenty-card Demon Hunter Initiate set. It’ll also give you a pre-built Demon Hunter deck list, if you have an open slot. They’ve also announced that there will be fifteen new Demon Hunter cards each expansion during the Year of the Phoenix, so this class will be changing pretty radically in the months to come.