Hearthstone’s Legendary Quest Line For Hallows End Continues Today

Hearthstone’s Legendary Quest Line For Hallows End Continues Today
Credit: Hearthstone

Hooray to Hearthstone fans out there as the developers are giving us content after another to enjoy. As early as today for this month, Blizzard is giving away free packs for players who participate in the legendary quest. It can be remembered that last month, the game patched the Hallows End-themed Masquerade Ball. It looks like the developers are following up on their promise this year to have more engaging content!

As mentioned, the Ball event introduces the seasonal legendary quest line for players to earn card packs from the Standard expansions. However, to continue in today’s quest, players will first need to complete the original one from September 29. It is pretty simple and can be easily achieved by playing the Dual-Class Arena game mode.

Blizzard is generous enough to give everyone a free ticket for this season’s Arena, so completing the questline is a giveaway. Besides that, you will also receive a Year of the Dragon pack, an Ashes of Outland, and a Scholoance Academy card pack. The Year of the Dragon packs will include cards from expansions of that era, namely the Rise of Shadows, Saviors of Uldum, and the Descent of Dragons.

The continuation quest that went live today requires entails you to play 50 cards in any mode. This includes several ways to complete, such as Standard Casual or Ranked, Wild, Against Friends, and Arena. Depending on whether you are playing Control or Aggro deck, the rewards should be unlocked after two to three games. The card packs for this legendary quest are Year of the Dragon, Scholomance Academy, and a Descent of Dragons card pack.

For next, three more packs can be earned by participating in the Book of Heroes. Hearthstone‘s upcoming content will promote the original face hero of the TCG, Rexxar. After defeating our favorite Hunter’s father, Leoroxx, players will receive a Year of the Dragon, a Saviors of Uldum, and a Scholomance Academy card pack. The Rexxar’s Book of Heroes releases on October 13.

The Hearthstone developers are fighting through the difficulties of working despite the ongoing worldwide pandemic. Last month, the team announced that they are resetting the Battlegrounds’ ranking to 0 while implementing a new rating system. Just a few months after introducing the new tribe of Pirates to the said game mode, Elementals have been added at the tail end of September. To accompany the new tribes, four Heroes were presented, including Azeroth’s Firelord, Ragnaros.