Great Deal: Bayonetta Can Be Grabbed For Only $5 On Steam Until April 2nd

Great Deal: Bayonetta Can Be Grabbed For Only $5 On Steam Until April 2nd
Credit: SEGA via YouTube

Steam is currently selling 3D action game Bayonetta at 75% discount until Tuesday. Bayonetta is still touted by game critics as among the best action games for PC players.

PC Gamer has also listed it as among their top 100 best games in 2017. Bayonetta has been well-received by fans for its nonstop action. Gamers would say playing the role of a shapeshifter in the fictional European city called Vigrid is not bad.

The game developed by PlatinumGames features the Umbra Witch named Bayonetta who has unmatched power. The witch is the only survivor of their clan and keeping the balance of lightness and darkness is her responsibility.

The story takes back to 500 years after Bayonetta was found and revived. The story’s heroine should discover the truth with only a clue to her past. To fight for the future, Bayonetta should face angels and gigantic dark foes.

Bayonetta is directed by Resident Evil directory Hideki Kamiya. Kamiya also directed Devil May Cry. The action-packed game features Bayonetta’s supernatural power including her signature Guillotine and Iron Maiden moves.

Bayonetta is a shapeshifter. She has the ability to inflict fatal damage to her enemies using both long and melee attacks is amazing. Players can also activate the Witch Time in order to slow down time and take advantage of hitting the enemy. Who says lollipops and lipsticks are not appropriate in a hack and slash action game?

Prior to getting released on PC, Bayonetta was originally launched in Japan for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2009. The following year, it made its way to Europe and North America. In 2014, the game was released on Wii U along with its sequel, Bayonetta 2.

The offer is actually a good deal for those who have not yet tried the game. According to a post on IsThereAnyDeal, the $5-game is almost worth Bayonetta’s historic low price of $4.99. The game’s regular price on Steam is $19.99. The deal will end on Tuesday 10 am PT/6pm GMT/1pm ET.

It is also a good way to orient oneself on the game prior to the release of Bayonetta 3. PlatinumGames has confirmed that they are still working hard in developing the game’s third installation.

There was no exact date given for the release of Bayonetta 3. However, reports cited hints that the game might be out this year. The game developers also managed to release a short teaser at the 2017 Game Awards.