Get Ready For The Bot-down In Mechanized Battle Brawler Hookbots

Get Ready For The Bot-down In Mechanized Battle Brawler Hookbots
Credit: Tree Interactive

“Destroy them all!” is the cry to action in the upcoming brawler game Hookbots, touting “Robots, mayem, and destruction!” In this explosive, flashy, and frantic party game, you create your own robot and dive into battle against three other players in a bid to become number one of the couch crowd in blazing four-player co-op.

The key gimmick to the game lies in its namesake; use your bot’s hook to zip around the battlefield/arena/what have you to grab what you can and dish out an onslaught of punishment with an assortment of weapons, gear, and special moves. From the looks of things, players can expect hectic and chaotic madness sure to satisfy many a twitchy finger.

Hookbots is developed by Tree Interactive, a studio indie by trade but big time by presence, owing to their involvement with their fans (in fact, if one were to go onto their website, they’d immediately be pressed to share feedback, and guided to their Discord server).

Developers becoming more involved with their fanbase is a growing trend we’re seeing nowadays, with Marvelous, WayForward, and Capcom all taking an interest in what their players have to say. Games have found themselves adjusting to the players’ are no longer mere fantasy, and devs are handling it smartly.

Rather than kowtowing to the whims of the vocal majority, they’re actively working on what they can add to the game to actually make it a joyful experience. And Hookbots is shaping up to be one indeed.

Sporting 14 modes and over 99 customizable options like dinosaurs, bounty hunters, space warriors, knights, steampunks, skeletons and more, players are unlikely to find themselves getting bored for a while between going gangbusters in the various ways of play and outfitting their avatar to the perfect degree.

Fans of Move or Die might see some parallels here, but Hookbots is looking strong and madcap enough to stand on its own two feet.

Hookbots is set for an August 28th, 2019 release date, coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by way of Steam, sporting a modest 14.99$ price tag. Until next time, stay and play savvy, gamers!