GameStop Closes Down All Stores In California After Telling Its Employees That They Were Essential Services

GameStop Closes Down All Stores In California After Telling Its Employees That They Were Essential Services
Credit: Vito via YouTube

We all know GameStop is out there for all of us every time we need it to be. They have access to all of the games we could ever want or need. At least all of the games like things for your PC or all of those top of the line consoles, whatever it is you need, they have it. And that is why GameStop is probably at the top of the food chain in the game industry. They sell all of those games.

But with all of that being said, maybe they do not belong where they are at the top of the food chain. If you think about it, they might not really be worthwhile at all. Why? Well, just the other day the folks at GameStop came out trying to tell their employees that they considered them to all be “essential employees” and that they expected all of them to work even after the state of California declared a “shelter in place” order.

This is a little bit odd because “essential services” are supposed to just be people working at grocery stores and other places like that. They are not supposed to be people working in other places around the world, which is why it just seems so strange. Nobody needs a GameStop to remain open to survive out there in the world.

In many ways, this order was putting the employees of GameStop at unnecessary risk. And in other ways, it was a direct violation of the order put out by the Governor of California. In the employee memo first received by Kotaku, the gaming giant told its employees to refer any police officers to management at GameStop.

All of that has now ended, however, after the word was released by GameStop headquarters that they would be closing their stores throughout California. What must have happened is the Governor’s office got word of the plans of the folks over at GameStop and ordered them to knock it off or face legal action.

When it gets down to it, we just have to think that these people don’t really have their employee’s best interests at heart. This is something we have all known for a long time now because they really do not have anyone’s best interests at heart. That’s why we can never get any real cash or credit for trading our games in! They just don’t care anymore, and that is a very bad thing.