Some Islands Inside Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are Filled Up With Too Many Boxes And Crates Everywhere

Some Islands Inside Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Are Filled Up With Too Many Boxes And Crates Everywhere
Credit: Animal Crossing Official Website

The folks behind the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, have forgotten one fatal mistake that no one else has been paying attention to, and that mistake is that all people who play the game are going to get a lot of gear and a lot of different things. There’s a museum to stock and fossils to collect and you have to go fishing too. All of this equals up to mad stuff to collect.

So where does one keep all of that stuff? Well, the game has its own internal system of keeping stuff. You take it to its appointed place. Like you can drop off animals at the museum to be placed into their respective terrariums and everything else, but folks, you have to remember: This is a real-time game, so you need to be able to time everything just right. The respective places for placing things aren’t always going to be open. So what have players been doing? Keep reading to find out.

So look here. Players are having to find wild and inventive ways to store all of their stuff because like most other gamers, once you pop, well, you just can’t stop. So what they are doing is playing this bad boy non-stop, going here, and going there. And they are collecting all of those things.

But there is a way in-game to drop items, and this thing basically drops a crate and lets you stack em up as high as you want. So outside the museum, for example, some players have started to stack things up just like it is some warehouse just waiting to be filled up. That is absolutely wild, and it is what we like to call a bit of innovation.

The problem is that these guys are straight up flooding their island with boxes, and they have to make entire new pathways through all the refuse to get from one place to another. That’s absolutely crazy, and it speaks to the state of mind of most of the people living in America.

If your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons looks like a big old episode of Hoarders, then we might need to talk. This is all about crates and boxes, and you, my friend, are absolutely going too crazy for any of us to even understand. Anyway, if you like Animal Crossing, be sure to check out their newest game only for Nintendo Switch.