Blizzard Reports Another DDoS Attack, Making It The Seventh Attack In Four Days

Blizzard Reports Another DDoS Attack, Making It The Seventh Attack In Four Days
Credit: Blizzard

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, online servers are being tested like they’ve never been tested before. According to Blizzard, it seems like some malicious people are trying to make servers a little bit harder to maintain.

Blizzard took to Twitter a few hours ago to report a DDoS attack. More accurately, they were reporting another attack – the seventh in less than four days. In fact, it wasn’t even the first DDoS attack that they announced in the last twenty-four hours.

The only upside is that they seem to not take too long. The original report came at 5:42 PM and the second came at 6:11 PM, making it less than half an hour of interruption before the servers came back online.

Of course, saying the interruption “ended” might be incorrect. It seems that Blizzard’s malicious attackers either can’t sustain attacks for long or just… get bored after a while. Blizzard doesn’t state that the servers are back online or that they’ve handled the problem, only that the attacks have ended.

On top of that, many fans of the company seem to be accusing Blizzard of creating the issue themselves. Some in the comments seem to not believe Blizzard when they announce these attacks, feeling that the company is using it as an excuse to avoid admitting that their servers just suck.

One Twitter user posted the L.A. Noire “Doubt” meme while others stated that the attack hadn’t ended, players had just gotten bored and gone to other games, vacating the servers. Others are simply saying that the disruption isn’t over and that the issues are continuing for them.

Of course, there are still a handful of supportive voices in the replies. Plenty of fans are thanking Blizzard for “fixing” the issue swiftly despite all of the problems going on. Others are stating appreciation for how difficult it must be to keep things running when the vast majority of the company is working from their homes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

To be frank, unfortunately, most of the voices seem to be the first kind. To be fair, they have a good reason to be. If it’s DDoS attacks, why hasn’t Blizzard found a way to stop the attacks when they’re this frequent? If it isn’t DDoS attacks, why haven’t they found a way to stop their servers from constantly failing?

It’s hard to know which of those options is worse. Either way, the options are back up for now, so you better enjoy your favorite Blizzard game for the next few hours before the servers go down again.