GamerPower Platform Helps Players Find And Track Free Game Content

GamerPower Platform Helps Players Find And Track Free Game Content
Credit: GamerPower Official Website

Digiwalls Media has announced the launch of GamerPower, a dedicated platform for finding free video games and in-game content. By using the platform, gamers can easily see where they can grab a free game and how many others have jumped on the offer.

GamerPower solves an annoying problem for gamers who want to take advantage of giveaways but often missout. Video game companies have been releasing free games on multiple platforms, even more so at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, those who aren’t tuned into social medial all day may miss out. Social media algorithms make it even harder to catch the news about free games since they assume what their users want to read first.

Other websites have tried to step in with forums dedicated to announcing free games. Sites like Reddit have a dedicated subreddit for free game announcements, but the layout may be intimidating for those who want to use it.

Using GamerPower is a simple process. No login is required for most of the site unless players want to access a custom dashboard. The dashboard lets players customize their feed, track the history of redeemed free offers, see the value of the items, and show how much players saved by getting the game for free.

On the front page of the site is a list of games and what might be available for free. This may include the full game or some DLC and other in-game loot.

Players can click the button that says “Giveaway” to be taken to a dedicated page for the free item. On the page are instructions for how to get the game free.

For example, if a player wants to grab a free Epic Games Store title, GamerPower will inform them first that they’ll need to make a free account with the platform. After logging in, players can get the free game before time runs out.

Epic Games Store isn’t the only platform on the site. There are other popular digital storefronts like GOG or more specialized sites like IndieGala. Almost all of the sites do require a login before downloading free content, which isn’t unusual, but players won’t need to add payment details.

Players using the site and request additional features to help add others in the future.

GamerPower only lists free content that is available now. The website itself is free to use.