Team GO Rocket Is Invading Pokemon Go Again But This Time They Are Attacking From The Air In Giant Balloons

Team GO Rocket Is Invading Pokemon Go Again But This Time They Are Attacking From The Air In Giant Balloons
Credit: Niantic

Balloons have appeared all over the sky in Pokemon GO. Team GO Rocket has appeared again and this time they are planning a hot air balloon invasion. Battle against the infamous Team GO Rocket anywhere on the map as you fend off the grunts, leaders, and the evil Giovanni.

Reports show that the balloons appear every few hours. More might appear during takeovers, but so far that is just a rumor. All of the balloons are being piloted by GO Rocket Grunts and GO Rocket LEaders so be careful how many you approach and when you approach them.

Interacting with the balloons will investigate a battle. Similar to the previous GO Rocket event players will have to rescue shadow Pokemon. They can be kept in their standard condition or cleansed just like before.

Players should tap the balloon to pick the fight. Once in, players will have to elect their battle party and take on the Team GO Rocket shadow Pokemon. The balloons will hover for a limited time so be sure to check the map for balloons and grab them before they fly away and are nowhere to be found.

To encounter balloons with Team GO Rocket Leaders players must equip a Rocket Radar. With this device, players should be able to find Sierra, Cliff, and Arlo. They will be piloting a Team GO Rocket balloon. Take down the leaders and grab some legendary rewards and Pokemon.

If you have a Super Rocket Radar then you can encounter Giovanni himself. The infamous boss of Team GO Rocket will be found floating around in a balloon. Activate and equip a Super Rocket Radar and will guarantee your ability to spot him.

In other news, Professor Willow and the team leaders have been working on something. Ever since they discovered several scraps of paper they seem to be investigating harder. Now they are instigating a full call to action for all trainers to help take down Team GO Rocket before they can finish whatever they are plotting.

If all goes well, they will surrender and make thing easy, otherwise, players will have to prepare for more fighting and defending innocent Pokemon across the world.

There is sure to be more on the horizon. Players should keep an eye on the developer’s social media account as well as the official Pokemon GO blog.

Pokemon GO is available on both iOS and Android devices. This is a gree to play game so enjoy it without ever paying a dime.