Prepare For Trouble, And Make It Triple As Team Go Rocket Leaders Are Spotted In London Marking Their Official Arrival Into Pokemon Go

Prepare For Trouble, And Make It Triple As Team Go Rocket Leaders Are Spotted In London Marking Their Official Arrival Into Pokemon Go
Credit: Niantic

A new promotional event in London sparks the invasion of the Team GO Rocket leaders in Pokemon Go. A fiendish trio of dastardly doers have invaded digital ads in the London area without any warning. These evil Pokemon thieves no doubt have an evil plot in store for the brave trainers of Pokemon GO who dare stand against them.

This started with the Official Pokemon Go Twitter account teasing the location of the ads. There was a tweet posted that listed a series of coordinates that pointed to locations in London. Players were quick to connect the dots and work out the location along with doing some real-world investigation of the ads.

It was first reported by @cjpokemon3, who used the coordinates to find a location on Euston Road in London. The location had a DOOH ad with Team Go Rocket leader, Sierra, and according to Chris, the new stop dropped a sponsored task. This means that not only is Team Go Rocket making their presence known, but they are also handing out exclusive tasks for some bonus rewards.

This is not the first time that Pokemon Go has slipped Team Go Rocket into the background of many events. Real-world promotions mixed with strategic tweets have created one of the most unique and investigated marketing campaigns in mobile gaming so far. Fans are constantly on edge, trying to find out what is next using the breadcrumbs left by the Pokemon Go team.

These constant vigil fans were the ones to notice that the locations of the coordinates spelled out a secret. The spots that each location is in has districts that spell out the Team Rocket leader Giovanni’s name. There is not much else know about what these locations provide for players who venture out to see the spots, but all eyes are on the Pokemon Go Twitter account for more information.

Professor Willow’s new research event revolves around the Team Go Rocket Grunts, who drop Mysterious Components. Once you have all six needed, you can assemble the Rocket Radar and scan areas to find leaders hideouts and face the diabolical trio of legendary trainers.

Once you have taken on all the leaders, you will be able to face Giovanni. This trainer is known in Pokemon lore to be one of the most skilled trainers in the land. He was the leader of the Viridian Gym with his ground type Pokemon and awarded you the Earth Badge, allowing you entry into the Elite Four. Now you can face him in the land of Pokemon Go as you fight for a chance to catch a Legendary Shadow Pokemon.

If you are not part of the Pokemon Go community, you can always get in on the action by downloading the game on iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play, and no required microtransactions will limit your experience. The only limitation is how far your willing to walk for those amazing Pokemon.