Free Game List Announced For Those That Have An Xbox Live Gold Membership

Free Game List Announced For Those That Have An Xbox Live Gold Membership
Credit: Major Nelson via Flickr (license)

The month of May is almost upon us, and as most Xbox Live Gold members know, free games will be available. April was a very generous month as far as Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles, and May doesn’t seem to be any different.

As far as Xbox One titles, Gold members will be able to download Marooners and The Golf Club 19 Featuring PGA Tour. Xbox 360 titles that will be available for free include Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon and Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley. Each of these titles has something amazing to offer.

Marooners is a party mini-game that offers a lot of different activities you can play solo or with some friends. The graphics are charming and the gameplay is pretty addicting. You’ll find a game that you’ll want to experience over and over. Some challenges are based on skill and others are just plain luck. There’s a good mix of everything in this game, really.

At the end of each mini-game, you’ll get coins. The person who has the most at the end is declared the winner. Also, you get the chance to create your own character. This adds to your personal gaming experience. It’s also fun to see what directions your friends take when designing characters of their own.

The Gold Club 19 Featuring PGA Tour is a great golfing simulator to add to your collection, which was developed by HB Studios. The graphics are pretty good and the mechanics are easy to pick up. Trying to hit the perfect shot is so addicting.

You’ll spend a lot of your time sharpening your skills with every hole. As this game’s title implies, you have a PGA Tour career mode to look forward to. Every competition features high stakes, where you’ll get play on some of the best golf courses across the nation.

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon is a highly underrated third-person shooter that was developed by Vicious Cycle Software. Despite being pretty old, this shooter has some fun gameplay. You’ll enjoy gunning down numerous giant insects and aliens. The variety of creatures in this game prevents combat from getting repetitive.

Finally, Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley is an action-adventure game that involves a lot of shooting and platforming. It’s a fresh take on the retro platformers that you’ve probably played at some point.

All of these great games can be downloaded for free on May 1 if you have an Xbox Live Gold membership.