The Elder Scrolls Online To Feature Necromancer Class; One Of The Game’s Most Exciting Characters

The Elder Scrolls Online To Feature Necromancer Class; One Of The Game’s Most Exciting Characters
Credit: The Elder Scrolls Online

The release of the Elsweyr expansion of the Elder Scrolls Online is still more than a month away. To build up excitement among fans, Bethesda is giving the latest Necromancer class a warm introduction. The developer describes the lore, as well as the mechanics of the mages players, will love to hate. All of these are shown in a recent teaser of the game posted on YouTube.

In a class preview, Leamon Tuttle, ESO’s loremaster, described necromancy as the soul’s creative manipulation or what is called animus. This is one of the essential building blocks of the citizens of Tamriel, he said.

Moreover, Tuttle described the powerful abilities of necromancers. They can cast magic spells, reanimate corpses using Deadric spirits, and command souls to do their bidding.

Tuttle, however, had a warning for The Elder Scrolls Online players. Being a necromancer is not as easy as the other classes in the game.

First, summoning the undead will trigger NPCs to report your otherworldly act to the police. As a strategy, you have to be stealthy in order to keep your identity as a secret from the community, according to PC Gamer.

On the other hand, a necromancer also has powers that are so subtle that they are hardly noticeable. This will enable you to utilize them without calling the attention of the authorities. Ed Stark, the lead designer of ESO, said that being a Necromancer is like taking on the role of an outlaw.

Start explained that necromancy is akin to being a participant in a wholesale crime. Despite the shady part of being a necromancer in The Elder Scrolls Online, it actually makes the character stand out. But being a practitioner of the dark arts doesn’t mean that you have to be evil. A player can choose what path he would like to take. For instance, he can become a healer if he desires.

In the meantime, it is still unknown what specific set of abilities the ESO necromancer will actually possess. However, there are indications that having the power to control the undead will be a major skill. Furthermore, players will be able to cloak themselves in armor that imitates the look of the undead, according to VGR.

Although necromancers are primarily preoccupied with death, they can also heal themselves as well as their allies. There’s still in stigma in being a follower of necromancy which makes the people of Tamriel shy away from it. But in the Elder Scrolls Online, being a necromancer allows you to wield power, depending on how you choose to use them.