Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day Event Has Some Surprises In Store For Fans

Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day Event Has Some Surprises In Store For Fans

Fans might have thought that Epic Games might have revealed everything there is to know about Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day Event. However, it seems the developer still has an ace in its sleeves.

According to the report, there will be some Overtime Challenges during the Valentine’s Day Event. The update 7.40 will be released next week, which will also include free challenges that will be familiar to fans who participated in the 14 Days of Fortnite.

The challenges will reportedly be offered daily from February 8 to 27, although this has yet to be confirmed by Epic Games.

The Share, the Love event of Fortnite, starts on February 8 and runs until February 27. Throughout those two weeks, they have a chance to win skins, rewards, and other goodies. For instance, those players who support a creator starting on February 8 until February 22 will get the Cuddle Hearts as long as they update to the v7.40 releases.

Also, players will get double XP when they play on weekends, particular on February 15-17 and between February 22 and 24.
This additional life will be crucial when they go to the Battle Pass to get some updated skins. It’s also important when you are trying to unlock Ice King.

Aside from the double XP, players will also get enjoy the Featured Island frenzy, which will give them a bevy of choices from the Creative Mode. Every day, Featured Island will be rotated, so it’s like playing a new game daily.

After completing all the challenges in Fortnite Share the Love by the end of the event, the players will receive two rewards such as the Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail.

Finally, the Fortnite Valentine’s Day Event will also have what Epic Games dubbed “Competitive Mode.”

What the developer is doing is to overhaul the tournament system so players can choose from different layers of battles. These are the Contender, Open, Prospect, and Champion. These modes will be running at the same time.

The players will move up in rankings as they start from the Open tournament, then move on to the prospect and contender, before they will be crowned champions. They need to earn pins during the daily sessions, and these pins are material on how they will move up.

Of course, the higher they are in rankings, they would be playing much more dangerous opponents. The championship will take place on February 23 and February 24.